Wednesday 29 May 2024

Catholic Hypocrisy News - Pope Lets His Mask of Tolerance Slip As He Abuses Gays in 'Private'

Too much 'Fagottiness' in Seminaries - Pope Francis
Pope apologizes after being quoted using vulgar term to describe gay people

In an unguarded moment, for which he has had to apologize, Pope 'Mr. Nice Guy' Francis, revealed the hypocritical difference between his private and public declarations.

Trying to give the Catholic Church a more tolerant and understanding face, in place of the bigoted and judgmental church of his predecessors, that had been driving decent people away, and aware that many Catholic Priests are practicing homosexuals, Pope Francus has previously advocated tolerance and understanding, whilst falling short of allowing same-sex marriages in Catholic churches and ordaining openly gay priests.

But that mask of kindly affability and tolerance was revealed to be a lie intended to deceive when Francis let slip his true feelings when asked if he would allow gay men to enter seminary to be trained and eventually ordained as Catholic priests.

He replied (in Italian):

Seminaries are already too full of “frociaggine”.

This translates as 'faggotiness' and is an especially abusive term for gay people in Italy.

The shock is not so much that the Pope would use such a vulgar term in private but what it reveals about his private bigotry and how this contrast with his public tolerance.

It's quite clear that the affable, tolerant, 'Uncle' Francis image is a front intended to deceive fools into believing the Catholic Church has changed and no longer regards gay people as easy victims to be abused at will.

A leopard can't change its spots, and homophobic Pope Francis is confirmation that the Catholic Church is incapable of updating its ethical code to keep up with human cultural development, and is condemned to remain a backward-looking church with a moral compass pointing unerringly back to the brutal Bronze Age, incapable of modernization and increasingly irrelevant to fair-minded, tolerant and inclusive humans who regard sexuality and sexual relationships between other people as a matter for them and them alone.

And why on earth a gay man would want to be a priest in the Catholic Church, other than for the opportunity it presents for meeting other gay men, is a mystery.

Pope Francis needs to concentrate his intolerance on those predatory paedophiles who still enter the priesthood for the trusted access it gives them to vulnerable children, and on the bishops and cardinals who routinely facilitate and cover up their predation, in many cases having participated in it themselves.


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