Fake Miracles

A series of blogs on the many phony miracles with which religions fool the credulous into staying faithful. Many of them are so implausible and so obviously fakes that it's a miracle that anyone actually believes them. It is noticeable how the incidence of miracles has tended to diminish as science has progressed and education has improved and how they tend to occur now only in the under-educated and scientifically backward parts of the world - some of which are in first world economies.

More exposés will be listed here in due course.

Impossible Miracles. By way of introduction - why miracles are impossible.

The Miracle of Miracles. Includes the fraud of Miguel's Leg or the Miracle of Calanda.

A Lot Of Cock In Portugal. The ludicrously implausible 'miracle' behind what has become almost the natural symbol of Portugal - The Cock of Barcelos.

Catholic Deceptions - Pope To Venerate The Fake Of Turin. The Pope shamelessly lends his authority to the Turin Shroud despite the pverwhelming evidence that it is not what it's claimed to be. See also The Fake Turin Shroud and Turin Shroud Forgery Shows Changing Fashions in Art.

Pope Francis Faking It In Naples. 'Honest' Pope Francis participated in a known fraud being presented as the regular miracle of an ancient saint's blood turning liquid.

Mother Teresa's Fake Miracle. How the miracle attributed to Mother Teresa of Calcutta was faked, the medical testimonies forged, fake doctors invented, the medical records disproving the claims hidden and probably destroyed and the subject bribed to make sure she stuck to the script.

Faking It At Fatima. How the Catholic Church took a children's fantasy and elevated it to a miracle for political reasons, and how people primed to expect a miracle interpreted perfectly natural meteorological phenomena and optical illusions as miracles, despite not being able to agree what they actually saw.

Fakin It At Lourdes. How the Catholic Church took a child's fantasy, elevated it to the status of a miracle and now makes money selling false hope to seriously ill people, proclaiming an abysmal success rate, indistinguishable from doing nothing, as miraculous, and how even the claimed 'incorrupt' body of Saint Bernadette that people go to see is a forgery. This miracle probably represents a low point in the Catholic Church's amoral cynicism.


  1. Video exposing fake miracles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHWVPaw4Fyk

  2. The Catholic church is a total scam run by a Cabal of greedy deviates and pedophiles. They use these healing sites to raise money to continue to fund the cabal

  3. As this catholic organization is responsible the Identity THEFT of Yeshua and centuries of murders of his Hebrew people,they do not stop at anything to to lie about anything..I am a catholic


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