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Sunday, 25 September 2011

I Know It In My Heart

How did the authors of the Bible understand the function of the heart?
"... and thou the mightiest know the thoughts of thy heart"
Daniel 2:30

"... thou didst set thine heart to understand..."
Daniel 10:12

"The pride of thine heart has deceived thee..."
Obediah 1:3

"Why reason ye these things in your hearts?"
Mark 2:8

"... and shall not doubt in his heart..."
Mark 11:23

"And Jesus perceiving the thoughts of their hearts..."
Luke 9:47

"Why are ye troubled and why do thoughts arise in your heart?"
Luke 24:38
Quite clearly, they believed the heart is where thoughts occur and emotions are felt.

We now know that the heart is a muscular pump and its function is to pump blood round the body to supply it with nutrients and oxygen and to remove waste via the lungs, kidneys and liver. We now know that thinking is done in the brain. Curiously, the word 'brain' is nowhere to be found in the KJV Bible! You would have thought the Creator of Life would have known how its creation worked, yet even Jesus would have failed basic Anatomy and Physiology it seem.

I wonder how the Creator got things so hopelessly wrong... (Tweet this)

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  1. One could easily imagine how a tribe of ancient goat herders noticed how hearts would beat faster when it's owners were experiencing emotional states, and ascribing all feelings to our blood pumps. When that same tribe pretends to have an all-knowing god guiding their knowledge, it seems ludicrous that modern people that their claims seriously...


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