Sunday, 24 June 2018

The Internet Apologists' Handbooks

Three new booklets by yours truly!

A humorous and provocative look at Internet fundamentalist apologetics. Most Internet apologists seem to know little of what they are promoting and nothing at all about what they are opposing and none of them seem to be able to understand basic ideas of probity, intellectual honesty, personal integrity or the difference between wishful thinking, assertions and actual evidence. Often, there seems to be a hidden agenda with very little evidence of an actual belief in the god being promoted, judging by the scant regard for anything by way of personal behaviour that the promoted religion teaches.

Soon to be available in paperback from Amazon.

These, and my other titles for Kindle can be found here (USA) or here (UK) or in your usual online Kindle Store.

[Update] Now available in paperback.

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1 comment :

  1. I agree, Rosa. Apologists are outright liars, lacking honesty, decency and scientific knowledge based on evidence. Instead they rely on personal revelations and what is written in old holy books full of bullshit.


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