Thursday, 2 August 2018

It's Not Just the Catholics!

Pastor Harry L. Thomas. Conviction Christian.
Largest Christian music festival founder busted with 18-year prison sentence after molesting five children.

As though to prove the Catholic Church doesn't have a monopoly on child sexual abuse by priests, the senior pastor and founder of the Come Alive New Testament Church in Medford, New Jersey, USA has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for molesting five children.

Pastor Harry L. Thomas, now 74, is also the founder of one of the largest Christian festivals in the USA, Creation Festival, and Come Alive International, a missionary organisation. He was arrested in DEcember 2017 and charged with amolesting 4 children over a 16 year period. He pleaded guilty to raping and sexually assaulting young girls in February and admitted to a fifth offence. The plea bargin included a non parole agreement.

In 2003 Thomas served as an advocate for two church members, Raymond and Vanessa Jackson, accused of starving and neglecting four foster children in their care, setting up the now-defunct website, in their support. Vanessa Jackson received a seven year sentence for her part in the mistreatment of the children.

Following Thomas' arrest, the elders of the Come Alive ministry tried to distance themselves from the actions of their founder with:

It is with deep regret and saddened hearts that the Elders and Trustees of Come Alive New Testament Church have indefinitely suspended Pastor Harry Thomas from all leadership positions with the church, festival, and all associated ministries. While the allegations are unrelated to his roles in these ministries, leadership has determined this to be the proper course of action at this time until there can be a full investigation. It is requested that all pray for the parties involved and refrain from speculation regarding the circumstances.

The ministries website,, was off line when checked today. It is not clear what if anything the church is doing by way of support and compensation for Thomas' victims.

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