Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Darwin Creationist Award - A Clear Winner

This year's Darwin Creationist Award winner, by a very clear margin, is

@ImHome with:

"obviously evolution is garbage because rocks are not conscious,"

@ImHome received 8 times the number of votes of the next closest candidate who was... er... also @ImHome with:

"@JoeUnseen Believing stupidly w/out knowing, that ur Origin are Unconscious Dead Stones over Conscious GOD, is also an exercise of freewill."

Candidates to be highly commended include:

 @yprimachenko With:

"@JoeUnseen Secondly... Every other religion their god died and has a grave... But when you go to Israel you will find His grave is empty..."

@JeffreyHarkins With:
"@RosaRubicondior You know your an atheist when you kill your brother because he looks to much like a ape."

And @GodsDontExist With

"so one last time: Good and evil are distinguished by distinction. and youre a moron if you dont think so. #god #atheist"

The Darwin Creationist Award is for a Creationist chosen by popular vote as having produced a tweet on Twitter so outstandingly stupid it reduces the influence of the creationist meme in the human meme-pool and so progresses human cultural evolution.

@ImHome is a very worth first winner of this award.

You may still enjoy the other candidates efforts here.

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