Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Come See A Christian Promoting Genocide

Yesterday we in the Twitter community witnessed the grotesque spectacle of another Christian apologist trying to justify and defend genocide and child murder:

Admittedly he was only taking his inspiration from a leading apologist, William Lane Craig.  Apparently, it's fine, just so long as you remember to blame it on a god.

Anyone wishing to copy this image is more than welcome to do so.


  1. William Lane Craig used to be thought of as on of the few apologists worth debating until he came out with that rubbish!

  2. William Lane Craig is touted by the Christian evangelicals as a respectable philosopher. In reality nearly all of his "arguments" are mere appeals to intuition, beginning with causality, the basis of his ridiculous rehhashing of the Kalam Comsological Arugment, which amounts to nothing more than a play on words in the end. He is a nonsense merchant par excellence. His only genuine ability is to produce so much garbage in any one given debate that his opponents run out of time trying to debunk it. He is also fond of misrepresenting huge swathes of modern science with a certain confidence believers find attractive, but which has absolutely nothing to do with truth.

    For a more detailed analysis of what is wrong with William Lane Craig's points, see here:

  3. These people make me sick. If you support it back then, you'll support a genocide in your god's name now.

  4. I got into it with him on Twitter a little; he's truly deluded enough to think this is perfectly okay, and claims that his invisible sky daddy gets a special moral exception because he's an "ultimate" creator. Truly sad (and laughable).

    Here's a couple of easy counters:
    1. Adopting this logic is like saying parents can kill their kids because they created them (Nevermind that bit in Deuteronomy that says you can kill your kid for disobeying you and playing XBox when you told them to get on their homework, which I'm sure he'd support).

    2. My god Zor kills whomever he wants, specifically through me. I therefore get to kill with impunity. It's all here in this (hastily scrawled) pamphlet. I feel it in my heart, Zor is all-powerful and will condemn disbelievers to an eternity of Justin Bieber, etc. ergo I'm right.

    Really though, like Craig, he doesn't deserve any further attention beyond mockery and scorn for his similar disgusting ideals.

  5. Zevaeros

    I agree about giving him attention, but he has great utility value in exposing the hypocrites who use fundamentalism as an excuse for their psychopathic personality defects, so acting as a warning against religion in general and fundamentalism in particular.

  6. What's wrong with genocide? Can't we just inflict it on the theists?


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