Saturday, 29 October 2011

A Few Words From The Big Book Of Love

A quick word/phrase count using my searchable KJV Bible on my Kindle:

In order of occurrence:

Brain (0)
Intelligent/Intelligence (0)
Logic (0)
Rational (0)
Conscious (0)
Ethic(s)/Ethical (0)
Thoughtful (0)
Hopeful (0)
Equality (0)
Democracy (0)
Vote (0)
Jury (0)
Rights (0)
Racism (0)
Slavery (0)
Freed (2)
Freedom (2)
Abuse(d) (3)
Trial (6)
Liberty (27)
Happy/happiness (28)
Edge of the sword (28)
Conscience (32)
Care/carest/careth (38)
Tremble (54)
Pleasant (58)
Smitten (63)
Kindness (78)
Captive(s) (100)
Hate/Hated/Hatest (100+)
Fear (100+)
Obey (118)
Captivity (122)
Smite (139)
Slay (151)
Slain (181)
Afraid (191)
Slew (194)
Smote (229)
Destroy(ed) (461)
Command (902)

Some of those latter words really whizzed up the count. Unfortunately, my Kindle only counts up to 100, otherwise we could be seeing some really impressive numbers on those latter words.

I'm saying nothing, of course...

[Later Note: I am indebted to Plasma Engineer for supplying some of these numbers. See his comment below]

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  1. Linux 'grep' command to the rescue!

    Captive 100
    Obey 118
    Captivity 122
    Smite 139
    Slay 151
    Slain 181
    Araid 191
    Slew 194
    Smote 229
    Destroy 461
    Command 902

    Assuming that my html KJV version is the same as the Kindle version! :)

  2. Plasma Engineer


    I should have asked my son. He's a Unix person. I never made much progress with it myself.

    I expect the versions are pretty much the same but one can never tell; there are so many different versions of the inerrantly perfect words aren't there.

  3. OK, I realize it is a bit late for commenting, but I can't resist. The beginning of this list brings to mind the quote from Bertrand Russell: "So far as I can remember, there is not one word in the Gospels in praise of intelligence; and in this respect ministers of religion follow gospel authority more closely than in some others."

    1. Never too late to comment - or to reply to one. :-)


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