Thursday, 20 October 2011

On the Eve Of The Rapture.

Written the day before the End Of The World scheduled for 21 May 2011. Several more have come and gone with no one noticing since then.

So, Christians! Tomorrow is the big day, eh? The day you've all been awaiting eagerly for about 2000 years. The day Jesus finally keeps his promise and comes back to Earth.

But, what if you’re wrong?

What if it’s NOT Jesus but some god from history, like Ra or Apollo?

What if it’s a god you’ve never heard of, say a god only believed in by a tribe of Amazonians or from a Papua-New Guinea mountain valley?

What if it’s a god from some other planet entirely in a far-off galaxy we’ve not discovered yet?

What if it’s a god no one anywhere in the universe knows about because it was too modest to make its existence known – until now; a god who detests religion and has come here looking for free-thinkers...?

Whatever will you say? How will you explain why you told everyone it was a false god and they shouldn’t believe in it? How will you explain telling other people that they’re going to be burned alive for not believing in the wrong god and how your god is going to come and kill everyone who disagrees with you?

I’ll bet you just WISH you had some evidence you could show it to explain yourself; to offer up as an excuse for misunderstanding it. Something you could blame for your mistake. As it is all you have is the excuse that someone told you it was true, but you never checked because they also told you it was wrong to doubt...

You see, that’s the problem being fooled into accepting what you’re told and swallowing the notion that ‘faith’ is a virtue so you shouldn’t question, just believe.

And you thought Pascal’s Wager was such a GOOD argument..!

Don’t worry too much though. Both you and I know it’s not going to happen don’t we! It’s just that I don’t mind other people knowing I’m an Atheist because I have the courage to think for myself and don’t mind if others disagree with me; I don’t feel I have to pretend to be conforming to something I suspect most people are just pretending to believe in too, because they’re also too afraid to be honest with themselves.

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  1. Bhahaha...I'm going to make a tin foil cap-JUST IN CASE-as I sit with my friends, watch the stars and welcome Saturday morning! Shine on, Rosa!

  2. Don't we all use Pascal's wager when we wear clean panties? It is likely that today isn't the day we'll show them off but we live in hope...


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