Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Darwin Creationist Award - Last Few Days of Voting

Time to vote for the Darwin Creationist Award.

The award is given for the Creationist tweet so spectacularly stupid that it reduces the incidence of the creationist meme in the human cultural meme pool.

Use the comments box to register your vote by giving the entry number. A short supporting sentence or two may optionally be included.

If there is no clear winner there will be a vote-off between the top two or three.

The candidates, in no particular order, are:

1. 03-Jul-2011 22:09 @WhySoloWhy:
 Even satan know God is real #atheist

2. 04-July-2011 20:59 @laserlytinmyeye
@chummy4life @RosaRubicondior @freethinkgeek nne m ur on point...don't mind dem goofers...d big bang is still keeping dem alive....hahahaha

3. 27-June-2011 @05212011

4. @imhOme 
obviously evolution is garbage because rocks are not conscious,

5. 07-July-2011 08:53 @davidknight63
@FlyingFree333 So how come apes at the zoo dont become human? Maybe they have 2 be jungle apes. But wait, they ain't turn'in into man either

6. 08-July-2011 13:02 @CasReeves
If we only share our faith with #Christian people how will the #atheist, #Buddist, #Muslim, #Pagan, #Evolutionist, etc hear about #Jesus?

7. 08-July-2011 22:16 @WhySoloWhy
Dear #Atheist Explain The Baby in China that falled from an 10 Story BUILDING in a Woman Arm? Yes, the Baby is still ALIVE!

8. 09-July-2011 14:38 @MissRaissa
#Fact 95% of #Atheists on twitter are racists. #Atheism

9. 09-July-2011 17??:39 @PepperGOP
@RosaRubicondior So you think the earth spontaneously combusted? Let's just start at the beginning. This is my feeble attempt to understand

10. 10-July-2011 15:47 @ChicoZoe
Fuck u and I hope u watch ur mom and grandma get raped today u piece of shit CRACKA RT @DavetheAtheist @ChicoZoe ...

11. 13-July-2011 06:25 @erichovind (In reply to my blog "Eric Hovind's Very Silly Questions")
@RosaRubicondior LOL, I can't stop Laughing! You call those answers? Wow, trying super hard to suppress the truth that you really know!

12. @AngryUScivilian 16-July-2011 08:14 
 #Atheist worship Allah and admit to wanting Christians dead, they are all for Sharia Law! #tcot

13. @simplyBNreal 1 July 2011 (Submitted by @GodsDontExist)

Why do atheist want proof there is a God when they can't prove there isn't a God?

14. 17-July-2011 14:52 @Weirdodo
@RosaRubicondior No, just looks like #Atheist are Muslim in disguise, trying to undermine Christianity, live in America, live by OUR rules!

[As my bio points out, I live in the UK]

15. @schicagos 18-July-2011 22:30
@GodsDontExist so one last time: Good and evil are distinguished by distinction. and youre a moron if you dont think so. #god #atheist

16. @Steveufc 22-July-2011 05:04
@RosaRubicondior You're a socialist piece of shit, go die the world doesn't need people like you, fucking athiest loser

17. @schmoollala 20-July 2011 00:30
God only makes happy endings. If it's not happy it's not the end. If it is happy, just remember, you're gonna die really soon.

18. 22-July-2011 18:38 @AshtonBrit93
@RosaRubicondior you have fun burning in hell. Just because you're too stupid to believe the truth doesn't mean we care about your opinion.

19. 23-July-1845 @TheFloodsCame
@RosaRubicondior Well I guess I'm just not an idiot then. Sorry to disappoint you. Only an idiot would think that a universe creates itself.

20. 23-July-2011 22:03 @Thessaly
@RosaRubicondior Every scientific "fact" about the beginning of time is a theory cause no one saw #!@%*#. So I'll leave you to your atheism. Bless

21. 28-July-2011 21:00 @lauramzy
@RosaRubicondior i havent been judgmental. I'll defend my religion and beliefs from ignorants such as you.

22. @IslamNotMuslims 30-July-2011 21:00
@TroyBeast @RosaRubicondior Evidence?! Evidence doesn't prove anything, only suggests. I have proof!

23. @IslamNotMuslims 30-July-211 20:41
@RosaRubicondior "All the others"?! You silly little atheist! There's only One God! If there were more, they'd all be fighting!

24. 31-July-2011 10:03 @OhDengItsColy
Your gay for being athiest.

25. 31-July-2011 20:49   @kramerassman
@RosaRubicondior cool lets see how far being a pentadactyls gets you when your burning in hell sinner #darwinhadsexwithmonkeys
[This in reply to my answer to his question about why humans have five fingers if there isn't a god]

26. 05-August-2011 19:15 RT @American_NazBol
why is the hatred of God called "a theism"? because it requires more faith to be an atheist than a theist. #atheism

27. 09-August-2011 20:30 @gemimms
 @RosaRubicondior if atheists believed that all Christians should be put to death, would you worship them?#idiots

28. 20-Aug-2911 10:20 @jesslansdowne
 I teach my students that 9/11 was done by #atheists because true followers of "Allah" (the Muslim name for God) wouldnt kill people #atheism

29. September 4th, 2011 at 11:33 PM @Frankfurt4
ATTN. all evolutionist think they came from rocks or dirt or dust or a hot steamy turd on the edge of a lake>LOL

30. 06 September 2011 21:37 @_nataleigh
I know he is the right one. Many of the other gods were just regular people who couldn't do any of the things God has done. There
(Submitted by @JoeUnseen)

31. 10 Sept 2011 04:47  @ITSDEEJAYBITCH
If your an #atheist go fuck your self you life is pointless and your dumb as hell.

32. 19 Sep 2011 21:48  @shotglass49
@RosaRubicondior  perhaps if you studyed a little more U would know.  he knew U would doubt him, yet U where created..

33. 20 Sept 2011 01:02 @JeffreyHarkins
 @RosaRubicondior You know your an atheist when you kill your brother because he looks to much like a ape.

34. (Undated) @yprimachenko
 @JoeUnseen Secondly... Every other religion their god died and has a grave... But when you go to Israel you will find His grave is empty...
(Submitted by Joe Unseen)

35. (Undated) @ImH0me
@JoeUnseen Believing stupidly w/out knowing, that ur Origin are Unconscious Dead Stones over Conscious GOD, is also an exercise of freewill.
(Submitted by Joe Unseen)

36. 26 Sep 2011 22:17  @That_0ne
 @LionheartOF Well, I hope you know Evolutionists control censorship in America so you honestly can't see good books on science.
(Submitted by @vinctee)

37. 26 Sep 2011 22:25 @Frankfurt4 The common evolutionist probably has pictures of female monkeys playing in swamp water making poop castles. WE Still Dont Understand this
(Submitted by 


  1. 37

    There's quite a few gems, but for me 37 takes the biscuit. Or a "poop castle". Or whatever.


    Close second is 15.

  2. 4. @imhOme
    obviously evolution is garbage because rocks are not conscious,

    Love this one as it has displays a 'Soapy Sam' type sentiment.

  3. I was like no one could be dumber than 1 but then I read 4 and then 5...after this I began to give up on life

  4. Number 4. If someone doesn't understand the distinction between biological evolution and geological evolution then we can't help them, no-one can! (Except maybe my pet rock).

  5. I'm not convinced that Frankfurt4 isn't a Poe, so despite his rank stupidity, I'm going to vote for David 'Dave' Knight -

    5. 07-July-2011 08:53 @davidknight63
    @FlyingFree333 So how come apes at the zoo dont become human? Maybe they have 2 be jungle apes. But wait, they ain't turn'in into man either

    A true simpleton

  6. Number 4. Fail on a ridiculous scale.

  7. Number 4 is the most succinct non sequitur and it made me laugh. Many others too abusive.

  8. 4. It makes no sense at all.

  9. I have to say #4. It really speaks for itself.

  10. Gotta go with #35. @ImH0me Mr. Rocks-in-the-Head has to be the dumbest person I've ever had the misfortune to attempt a conversation with.

  11. Definitely number 4.

    I understand the evolution is oft misunderstood, but to think it covers rocks...? #facepalm

  12. #17. It's so Xtian. Leave us alone with our delusions of happiness.

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