Friday 21 October 2011

Good Thing The Good Samaritan Wasn't A Christian!

Remember that tale in the Bible about a man from Samaria who came across a man on the roadside who'd recently fallen among thieves? He did the decent thing, like any Humanist would, and helped where he could. He could have passed by on the other side but chose not to because he was, basically, a decent human being so he helped a fellow traveler in trouble.

A few months ago a thief named Harold Camping thought up a scam for taking literally millions of dollars off gullible and vulnerable people. He told them he was receiving messages that a magic man in the sky was going to come and kill everyone but he would save people who gave Harold Camping all their money. So people even sold their homes and all their possessions hoping they would be saved.

He tried the same scam again a few months later and stole even more money off more gullible and vulnerable victims.

Strangely, even though Christians claim to follow the man who supposedly told the story of the Good Samaritan and used it to illustrate how good Christians should try to be like Humanists and behave decently, no Christian seem to have come forward to help the victims who fell prey to Harold Camping.  Instead, to a man, and to a woman, they seem to have passed by on the other side.

Clearly, Christians still have much still to learn from Humanism.

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