Saturday, 29 December 2012

As Read In The Vatican

Closet Atheists can be hiding just about everywhere!

Just imaging being Pope and suddenly realising it's all been a lie. What would you do? Give up all that wealth, adulation and power, and the servants who come with the post, or would you be honest to yourself and to everyone else?

The Catholic Church had survived schisms, multiple papacies, corrupt gangsters, debauched gluttons and thieves, violent psychopaths, murderers and even (allegedly) a female imposter Pope, but could it survive an honest Atheist Pope, or would world-wide Catholicism shatter and crumble if an honest Pope told the world that he had come to realise that the 'faith' was founded on lies and that Jesus was just a myth based on Bronze-age superstitions and stories concocted for political purposes.

Or is an honest Pope just a dream too far?

[Update] A couple of weeks after I posted this, Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation, citing, amongst other things, "hard questions of faith". I'm sure it must have been a coincidence...

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  2. Quote 'Just imaging being Pope and suddenly realising it's all been a lie.'

    I think it would be highly unlikely that anyone would manage to reach the office of Pope and still believe the doctorine pushed to the 'faithfull'.

    I would assume (it is just an assumption) that the Catholic Church is no different from any other large political/social institution and is run by a propotionately high number of 'Bloodless Sociopaths', as countless academic studies have shown (dont take my word for it, search for 'sociopaths in high places').

    Even if the Catholic Church hasn't been studied per se, its history certainly lends weight to the arguement.

    I also think it unlikely that the Church would want a leader that actually was a 'believer' as a Pope that actually acted with truly Christian ethics and morals, would cause just as much division as one that was an atheist, over womens place in the church, gay rights, contraception to name just a few.

    Jon, UK

    1. And don't forget the vast wealth! Imagine THAT uproar if a true Christian had control of the Vatican treasures and decided to actually do some good with it.

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  4. You don't get to be the head of a multi-billion $ business and survive the political back stabbing en-route by being stupid and gullible.

    As to the question of if the Pope believes in god. Well, you don't get to be........


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