Thursday, 26 September 2013

Suspended Again

Sac O' Doughnuts
Yep! My Twitter account (@RosaResurrected)has been suspended again, and once again no specific reason has been given nor offending tweet identified.

And once again little Manuel de Dios Agosto is quite beside himself with delight and trying to claim the credit for it because he was once publicly humiliated by having to run away from a simple debate his infantile boasting had gotten him into, so exposing his claims of expertise in both science and theology to be fraudulent.

But before my followers understandably retaliate by filing complaints about him and his many accounts in an attempt to get him banned, think on what I said last time something like this happened.

Imagine what it would be like to have to live out your entire life fantasising and boasting about yourself on Twitter because your life is so meaningless and devoid of reason that you have no social life outside your room and the responses you can provoke on Twitter by being an unpleasant little abuser, liar and general nuisance. Your only claim to fame and your only sense of achievement came from conning a handful of credulous simpletons into believing that you were personally responsible for getting someones Twitter account suspended! And all this while desperately hoping no one makes public the reason you were expelled from seminary - the reason you have been ostracised and confined to your room by your community in the first place.

Do you really want to be responsible for depriving little Manny of the one thing he's achieved in life - being the reviled laughing stock of the Twitter #Atheist hashtag?

I'm not telling you what to do, merely asking you to consider the humanitarian aspect first.

A more effective remedy might be to get a campaign going to make Twitter adopt a fairer and consistent policy which is not open to the abuse of mass spam-blocking and in which offenders are given a specific reason for a suspension, including the offending tweet and the rule it contravenes, together with a right of appeal and review.

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  1. "Do you really want to be responsible for depriving little Manny of the one thing he's achieved in life...?"

    Yes. Yes, I do.

  2. I see he's started on the allegations about you "harrassing" that child again, the one pubicly listed on White Pages as 30-34 years old. I almost feel sorry for him how desperate he seems at times for confirmation he's important.

    He got so excited last night though it appears he slipped up and posted from the wrong account. Strange how it was the one that delights in comparing people to Goebbels.

    1. Yep. The public listing in White Pages ties in almost exactly with his ip address location when he spams this blog with his bizarre jibberish, so there's little doubt it's Mad Manny. There is a very useful link to Check Mate where very detailed reports on named individuals, including criminal convictions, known associates and entries in sex offence registers, can be obtained for a small fee too.

      One almost feels sorry for the other residents of his avenue.


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