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How Thieves Exploit Religious Gullibility

[Although this site was taken off line soon after it was exposed here and in New Scientist, this doesn't affect the thrust of the article which is about how unscrupulous people exploit religious gullibility, apparently seeing religious people as especially good targets for this sort of scam, relying as it does on scientific ignorance and superstitious credulity. Fortunately, I copied all the relevant parts.]

Believe it or not, is a website set up to exploit the credulous gullibility of religious people, rather like all those emails from Nigeria looking for a kind Christian with a bank account where they would like to place a very large amount of money in return for a cut - just send your full account details including access codes, passwords, etc.

The site claims to be supplying parts of the Large Hadron Collider from CERN where the 'God Particle' was discovered and which they claim have magical properties curing almost everything from migraine to - you've probably guessed it already - sexual dysfunction. Apparently, the LHC has now been dismantled and sent to laboratories around the world for testing, presumably by Flying Pig Air Freight Services™.

Small parts of it - ball-bearing to be precise - can be yours for a mere $199.00 each inc. p&p.

Here's the bait they think will catch credulous, superstitious and scientifically illiterate (in other words, religious) suckers.

The God Particle, which was recently discovered by our colleagues in CERN, the world's largest particle physics laboratory, forever the Holy Grail of particle physics and nuclear research. The God particle is regarded as one of the fundamental forces of the cosmos. Many religious philosophers believe it constitutes the very ground of being, while others assert that it is the fabric of creation upon which the tapestry of the universe is woven. There are some who refer to the God particle as the clay of existence, whereas the Shaivites of India know it as Brahman and regard it quite reverently as sacred supreme Consciousness.

We still don't know if one of these theories is true, or maybe they all are. What we do know is that you are on the verge of a once in a lifetime opportunity of letting this infinite power into your life.

You deserve God's help, you deserve God's particle.

Making history - How they searched and found the boson in the particle accelerator
Using the particle accelerator, protons are accelerated to nearly the speed of light causing them to collide with each other. The collision creates many particles, among those particles the God Particle is found. The energy required is almost as enormous as the energy of the big bang which created the universe (sic). These particles are absorbed by huge detectors the size of an office building. The information obtained is then analyzed by 33,000 giant computers. The amount of electricity used is incredible - 120 Megawatts - about as much as all of the homes in the neighboring Swiss Canton of Geneva.

The conclusions, based on data collected in the past two years of research are now cleared for publication and there is now unequivocal evidence for the existence of the God Particle.

This discovery was crowned by the global scientific community as one of the defining moments of science and one of the most important steps towards understanding the universe.

The evidence found in the material remaining from the accelerated protons has been used to confirm the already well-established theoretical assumptions. Moreover, the new knowledge has opened a whole new world of practical possibilities.

Further surprising discovery
In addition, it turns out that the presence of the God Particle in the material has an unexpected effect. The days following the most talked about collision, were exciting for everyone involved. Meanwhile, an interesting phenomenon has emerged, which could be noticed only after the euphoria of the discovery slowly subsided. With the return to the normal work routine, most of the employees returned to their usual mental-emotional state, and except for an obvious sense of optimism, no unusual symptoms were registered.

However, an interesting occurrence had been noticed by some of the staff involved in the project. As the days passed their general mood was improving, accompanied by a significant sense of clarity, balance, relaxation and unusual vitality.
This phenomenon, realized and verified by those lucky workers led the researchers to an unequivocal conclusion: prolonged physical contact with the internal metal parts of the accelerator, is the cause of that phenomenon. Those employees, mostly technicians and engineers whose task required them to stay and work inside the accelerator were the ones diagnosed as being affected by the amazing phenomenon.

"God is in the small details"
Naturally to a place as teeming with scientists as CERN, researchers from a wide variety of scientific backgrounds decided to try and figure it out.

The employees who were most exposed to the particle energy were required to undertake an extensive series of tests.

Samples from the parts exposed to the surge of energy which showed substantial evidence of having the God Particle were sent to the leading universities and research centers in the world.

According to preliminary evidence found thus far by researches in the medical field, the energy of the God Particle has some amazing effects on migraine prevention, on treating different kinds of skin conditions, up to a surprising improvement among those who ailing from sexual dysfunction disorders. All those among a long list of other medical conditions.

The effects of the God Particle is also tested in the field of mental health and in this field the patients are also getting some surprising improvements in a wide range of medical cases, for example treating phobias and depressions of different kinds.
One of the theories being researched by the scientists is that the God Particle doesn't really cure the listed conditions but provides the human body with the energy needed to normalize and cure itself.

All those researches are performed in scientific methods demanding them to comply with a strict criteria before publication.
Therefore all the above should not be taken as a scientific fact, but should only be understood the way it is, a positive influence of material exposed to the God Particle on treating and preventing a wide range of medical problems.

The results of the researches are still censored. But there is an increasing assumption in the scientific community that in the future, when it becomes less expensive to produce the particle, it will completely change the face of modern medicine.

Providing a rare opportunity
We are a part of a maintenance team in CERN. Among our responsibilities is to replace some of the worn out parts inside the collider.

We notices (sic) that something amazing was happening to many people during those days, and when we were summoned for tests by the research groups we realized that we were not the only ones who felt that way.

When the moment came to replace some of the parts around the center of the collision, we felt that we cannot dispose this material as waste. Instead, we started collecting the remaining bearings from the section which is under our responsibility. This material was exposed to the most powerful energy. After the remaining bearings are collected, we remove them from the compound and later from the country, back to our countries of origin.

Initially we gave small spheres which came from the collected bearings to our relatives and friends. In a short period of time the spheres started to leave their mark, and along with great responses we were flooded with requests from other acquaintances who heard about the amazing experience.

When we realized what a significant finding we have in our possession, we decided to try and bring it also to other people who will want to seize this opportunity.

One of our team member’s wife, who works as a jewelry [sic] designer for a known fashion brand, was worried about losing the sphere while carrying it in her pocket. She decided to design a pendant to help her keep it close to her.
When the decision to start distributing the spheres was made, we recruited her to design a new pendant based on the one she made for herself. Our main goal was to enable the use of the sphere in a wider variety of ways, for both men and women, and to make it fashionable.

With that goal in mind, she created an original jewel, with a unisex modular design enabling a few different ways of 'wearing' the sphere. Using a leather band and designated magnets the sphere can be worn as a necklace or as a bracelet and the pendant design itself can be easily changed to satisfy everyone's personal preference.

The pendant comes in a designed gift box, and includes a throughout explanation about the sphere and the God Particle, so the receiver will truly appreciate its incredible value.

As the supply of the bearings is very limited and unstable (highly dependent on planned collision dates), we didn't feel right to throw away the outer parts of the bearings as well, even though their shape is not ideal for carrying, these parts were also exposed to the same energy as the inner spheres. We cut these parts to smaller pieces and they are also available for people who care less about carrying it around in their pockets.

May God be with you!

And may your money be with us!

A magic ball-bearing on a string! Now don't laugh! It's not nice.

Well, okay, laugh a little bit...<giggle>

Anyway, how is this claim any less credible that the claims of Islam and Christianity, and the claimed cures they provide for a non-existent problem with magical powers and spells in return for money and obedience? How much more credulous and gullible do you need to be to swallow this story than to swallow stories about talking snakes, flying horses, messengers from Heaven and the power of blood sacrifices to save us from imaginary sky bogeymen?

And are these frauds being any less moral than the clerics of religion who sell magic spells and phony cures to gullible and vulnerable people in return for an easy life and freedom from the bother of having to earn an honest living?

[Update 04 October 2013] The site is now 'down for maintenance'.

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  1. This is horrible, I wonder how many people are going to waste their money on this stupidity. I hope these scam artists get stopped soon and get their comeuppance.

  2. LOL! What a find. Hardware stores are ubiquitous, so the supply needs to makes these items to snooker the gullible is there. I also found that there are other products (more snake oil under the "Products" link)), like selling actual ball bearing grommets for similar effects.

  3. It's not unusual that spiritual healers wipe sweat from their forehead, palms, armpits, groins etc by using handkerchiefs or table napkins. These objects can then be sold to the true believers, since that sort of sweat is said to be blessed by the Holy Spirit, Jesus or so, since this sort of sweat "belong" to the blessed healing process.

    See for example: .

    A non-verbatim quote from that article: Boltzius was originally a farmer and then became a peddler. Boltzius became a spiritual healer after a religious crisis. Working as a preacher he also began to perform miraculous healing wonders in the late 1870s, by laying his hands on the help-seekers while praying. He also used lubrication oil and recommended people to buy his used napkins or handkerchiefs so that they could get more spiritual healing through them. (...) In the mid-1880s Boltzius became nationally famous and hotly debated. He is said to have been hired even by the royalties, for example the Swedish Queen Sofia. [2] In Boltzius' old cabin in Skåre (a village) - which is now a museum - his patients were said to leave behind hundreds of sticks, canes, crutches and even leg prostheses after being healed. Several contemporaries were critical, including the medical student Emil Thorelius who wrote rhe book "Boltzianismen". Today Boltzius' so-called divine miracles are believed to have been mostly based on false rumors, fraud and self-deception.

    BUT AS WE ALL KNOW: In the Pentecostal denominations the same sort of healing methods still occur. Look at this video: . True believers are extremely gullible.

  4. Just interested if this shows up :)
    What was the New Scientist article covering this, that you quote in your article ?
    I've had a subscription with NS for years, also as far as I know it was Josephine Jones that spread the word about this con, I was a minor blogger at the time ( SkepticalBear ) and she started to research this con and came across what I had uncovered.
    For your ' researched ' article ... You do realise they were not ball bearings they were selling ?
    Totally not researching an article when you publish it is just the same as any con like GodParticle4U.
    That is it, just re read this and you said it was exposed on this site ... I'll have to go back and search for this on the site :)

    1. Why would it not show up, please?

      If you read the article above you will see it specifically mentions ball bearings. They are also pictured. The NS edition would have been shortly before the date of this blog post. It may well have been the online version. Not sure about the print version.

      If I have mislead anyone about this obvious and blatant scam, please let me know.


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