Sunday, 5 January 2014

Another Embarrassment for Creationists to Ignore.

Stonehenge Man (Image: English Heritage)
Stonehenge Man: not just a pretty face - life - 03 January 2014 - New Scientist

Using forensic techniques, Swedish sculptor Oscar Nilsson has reconstructed the face of a man who lived in the area of Stonehenge in southern England in 3500 BCE, some 500 years before the first phase of Stonehenge was built, almost certainly by the same people this man belonged to.

He would be totally unremarkable if seen walking down a street in London, Dublin, Paris or Stockholm, or indeed in any modern European city. He is indistinguishable from modern Europeans. Indeed, for all practical purposes, he is a modern European.

Bearing in mind the standard creationist dogma, as promulgated by the Discovery Institute and the Organization for Creation Research, that Earth was created about 6000 years ago 'Stonehenge Man' must have migrated to southern England within about 500 years after Adam and Eve. After the Flood, modern Europeans must have recolonised Europe, coincidentally with people identical to those living there before the Flood, just as Chinese people recolonised China with people identical to pre-Flood Chinese people, Africans with people identical to pre-Flood Africans, etc, etc...

Intelligent design is just the Logos theology of John's Gospel restated in the idiom of information theory.

But maybe we can be a little generous and allow that they may have got the timing a little bit wrong by some few thousand years and that the Flood was a lot earlier than they claim, but what they will still need to explain is why a fully modern European was living in Europe by 5500 years ago. Were the ark survivors not, as one would expect, some generalised human beings from which all the different varieties have since diversified? In other words, were they not a little bit African, a little bit Chinese, a little bit South Asian, a little bit Australasian, a little bit Native American, etc, but fully modern Europeans?

If so, how did all the other human types diversify from a fully modern European Noah?

If not, how did fully modern Europeans (and all the other human types for that matter) diversify so quickly from Noah and his small family?

Remember, according to a creationist purist, evolution is impossible because, according to William Dembski, the probability of it happening is vanishingly small and according to Claude Shannon's Information Theory, no new information can arise because that would contravene the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Any creationist prepared to offer up an explanation without invoking magic or falling back on the default answer to all questions - "God did it"?

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  1. I was curious about how creationists somehow connect unconnectable dots the way they manage to do> I'm gonna the Stonhenge guy lived 500 years before Stonehenge itself was, so he prophesised(sp) the structure would be in the country and he surmised its location, composition and method of compiling it together.So just as all the ones of the Noah survivors were a little this and a little that, the Stonehenge guy you might say was a little bit country, and also a little bit rock and roll, too, country is Stonehenge location rock is its composition and roll is how they got the rocks to the site. haha, sounds absurdly silly right...just like creationism I'd say.


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