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Monday, 30 June 2014

Told You So!

The thing about creationists is that they are nothing if not predictable.

What's the betting that, if someone hasn't already done so, one or more creationist frauds will be misrepresenting this discovery as the discovery of a vast ocean of liquid water, and proclaiming the craved-for scientific proof of the Noah's flood myth by explaining where all the water came from - the 'fountains of the deep', no less?

Rosa Rubicondior;
Massive Subterranean Ocean 15 June 2014

Right on cue, Step forward Brian Thomas of the Institute for Creation Research:

These mantle waters could represent residual waters “of the great deep” that burst through the crust and onto Earth’s surface to initiate Noah’s year-long Flood, according to Genesis 7:11. Although some may suggest other explanations for the water, it complements Scripture’s general reference to waters deep beneath the earth.

If this evidence supports the Bible, it also challenges textbook Earth-formation scenarios. Secularists face a tough enough challenge in trying to explain how oceans of water came from molten rock. They imagine hydrated minerals from space rocks collided to form Earth, but the heat from those collisions would have pushed out the water. Now they have to explain this newly discovered deep water origin in addition to the vast amount in the world’s surface oceans.

Brian Thomas, M.S.; Oceans of Water Deep Beneath the Earth? 27 June 2014

Of course, this isn't a problem for 'science' writer, Brian Thomas, who knows all the answers already. He read it in a book - God did it! As a member of the ICR, Brian Thomas will have taken their annual oath, swearing that his conclusions will never disagree with Genesis.

Maybe it's the lack of evidence for their daft notions that means anything that even sniffs like it might be evidence for it is seized on with such glee.

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  1. Yes, what a surprise! ;o)

    Are you psychic, Rosa? Like Sally Morgan?

    Maybe you ARE Sally Morgan? Or a spirit from the "Other Side"?


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