Sunday, 24 August 2014

More Manny Insanity

As regular readers will know, some two years ago I posted a challenge to a Twitter user then using the account name @Sacerdotus who had been posing as a Catholic priest in training and claiming multiple university degrees in philosophy, physics, theology, psychology - in fact almost anything you cared to mention. He had been claiming to have irrefutable, scientific proof that the Christian god existed and that no other go did, and challenging people to debate him.

After one hilarious day during which, in the small hours of the morning in the UK, he posted dozens of challenges to me, one every few seconds and then declared victory claiming I had ignored him, I decided to call his bluff and challenged him to a formal, neutral and independently refereed debate, if only for the fun of seeing him wriggle and squirm and do anything to avoid it.

The details of the challenge and his hilarious meltdown, humiliation and ensuing psychological deterioration can be read here - Debate: Is There Scientific Evidence Only For The Christian God?. This was, as I said, exactly two years ago, since when @Sacerdotus, who turned out to be not a Catholic priest in training but Manuel (Manny) de Dios Agosto, a failed seminarian from Bronx, New York, who was expelled from a seminary in New York for reasons which the seminary in question will not divulge, has been deteriorating mentally and emotionally. Being unemployed and unemployable, he appears to try to divide his time trying to supplement his welfare by posing as a priest on line and begging for money, and thinking up more lies to post about me on his blogs and desperately thinking of ways to convince people he's not himself before the real reason for his expulsion from seminary becomes public knowledge.

The details of how we exposed Manuel can be read here - Sacerdotus - The Fraud Exposed. This includes a link to a New York Catholic newsletter in which Bishop Garmendia confirms that Manuel de Dios Agosto has been accepted into Seminary. This newsletter was archived in 2003, placing Manny's admission to seminary some time between 2000 and 2003. Admission to seminary is normally at the age of 18, which is entirely consistent with Manny's school record at Grace H Dodge Catholic High School, Bronx (now closed for low academic standards).

It subsequently transpired that @Sacerdtus was not Manuel's only Twitter account. He had also been posting gratuitous, sexually explicit abuse and threats of sexual violence to women under the name @BronxBomber777, posing as a gay male prostitute under the name @NYLATINO2012 to make contact with homosexuals whom Manuel then spammed with insults and abuse, and had used a host of other impersonation accounts to post sexually explicit tweets purporting to be from people who had exposed his fantasising and empty boasts of amazing academic prowess, impending PhD., etc, etc.

That was two years ago. Since then Manuel has become more and more obsessed with me and more and more deranged in his desperate attempts to prove he's not Manny the failed seminarian. It's probably not to hard to see why he is so desperate to make people think he isn't himself. A list of his known Twitter accounts, most of which have been permanently suspended, can be found here - Manny's Many Twitter Accounts. At one point during one particular bout of psychotic behaviour about a year ago he was spamming my blog with dozens of deranged and infantile comments and threats, so much so that it became a daily routine to log on and send his comments to the spam folder.

One of his most recent ploys was to claim that both he and I were the fake personae of a Catholic priest from Suffolk, UK who had the misfortune to have chosen the name Sacerdotus as part of his email address given on his profile page. He is currently using the Twitter name @StudiousAtheist to pose as an Atheist who has 'discovered' that both he and I are the same person. No! Really! We're in Manny World here, remember.

His latest ploy is to tweet links to one of his own blogs which he set up to impersonate me, claiming that it proves I am him. Manuel appears to think his followers are stupid enough to believe him. It is, of course, nothing whatsoever to do with me. In Manuel's typical cowardly style, his blog does not allow comments, but of course there is nothing to stop people pointing out on Twitter that it is just another one of Manuel's obsessive attempts to prove he's not Manuel de Dios Agosto from the Bronx, New York, failed seminarian and unemployed online stalker, habitual abuser and emotionally retarded fraud who is desperate that people in his Latino community don't find out the real reason he suddenly left seminary and never completed his training and why the Catholic Church in New York has disowned him.

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  1. Holy shit, I DO remember that guy! Has it been a year already? Damn, so easy to lose track of time (and Twitter shenanigans) when there are just so many theocrat morons out there.

    Yea, every so often I see him trying to hijack certain hashtags that are popular witht he atheist crowd: Fortunately, when he does that he's pretty easy to spot (and block instantaneously)

  2. That man must be seriously mentally disturbed. One diagnosis could be Extreme attention seeking disorder. Read more about this diagnosis here: .

    A quote from that Wikipedia article:

    [How, when and why extreme attention seeking behavior is manifested]


    4) Personality disorders – A sustained pattern of attention seeking in adults is often associated with borderline personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder.

    5) Self-destructive behavior – It is a common misconception that self-destructive behavior is inherently attention seeking, or at least that attention is a primary motive. While this is undoubtedly true in some cases, normally the motivation runs much deeper than that. Many self-injurers are very self-conscious of their wounds and scars and feel guilty about their behavior leading them to go to great lengths to conceal their behavior from others.

    6) Voluntary false confession[s and false claims].

    Anyhow it's a very tragic and very sad case of mental illness you're telling us about, Rosa. He seems to need psychiatric care. He may be dangerous to himself - or to others.

    1. Absolutely. Acute personality disorder and attention deficit disorder without a doubt.

      The most worrying aspect is that Manuel could so easily have become a Catholic priest with trusted access to children and vulnerable adults if he hadn't been caught and expelled before qualifying. It doesn't say much for their selection procedure does it.

      Makes you wonder how many other 'Mad Manuels' are out there hiding under priestly regalia and how far up the ranks of Catholic clergy they have progressed ... and what they have been using their positions as a cover for.

  3. I guessed @StudiousAtheist was him and blocked him after he had tagged me on his BS for the 1st time like 1-2 months ago.


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