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Tuesday 23 September 2014

Loon At The Top

Jim Wells, DUP, Minister of Health for Northern Ireland
Jim Wells becomes new health minister (for Northern Ireland)

First Minister of the Northern Ireland Assembly, Peter Robinson, reshuffled his government today and appointed Jim Wells to the post of Minister for Health - in charge of Northern Ireland's devolved National Health Service.

Jim's qualifications for this post, in charge of the highest-spending department in Northern Ireland's government, and probably the one most dependant on up-to-date science and technology, especially biological science, are a degree in geography and a diploma in town planning.

He is also a fundamentalist Protestant loon who believes the Bible is the best available description of the Universe, that Earth is 6000 years old and humans and all other life on Earth were created by magic.

As a committed Young-Earth Creationist he believes that faith alone is able to determine truth with such confidence that any evidence or rational analysis which disagrees with it can safely be dismissed as wrong. He is also an outspoken opponent of abortion and of LGBT rights.

In his new role he will be expected to assimilate complex scientific data and advice, and understand the biological basis for medical procedures in order to formulate policies, prioritise spending and make decisions which will directly affect the health and well-being of the 1.8 million people of Northern Ireland.

Good luck Northern Ireland!

[Correction: The First minister of Northern Ireland is of course Peter Robinson, not Derek Robinson]

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