Saturday, 16 May 2015

Look What Religion Can Be Used For

Rev. Austin Miles, Liar for Jesus
If you want to see an example of what religion does to people, look no further than the paranoid ravings of a Man of God, one Rev. Austin Miles.

After citing his own evidence-free earlier claim that the German Pilot who crashed his plane in the Alps killing all on board was a Muslim, he manages to connect this event to the Obama administration with:

A similar tragedy is, at this moment, playing out in America. The cockpit is the Oval Office which guides our country to its destination. Sitting at the controls is Barrack [sic] Hussein Obama who, according to many reports (which includes photos), also possesses sexual confusion regarding straight and gay. He executes insane decisions with what appears to be a deliberate scheme to nosedive our country into oblivion.

Obama is not clinically insane but has been specifically programmed by his Communist handlers along with his Muslim allies to take America over the cliff. He is not dumb but a very useful idiot for the Communist Party ( Josef Stalin's description for those who help his cause). Obama is totally controlled as an authentic Manchurian Candidate.

Obama's importance to The Party is that he is the one tool created by the Communist Party to destroy America, the last country standing in the way of a Marxist-led One World Order. He was the handpicked candidate to bringing America down. This is precisely why he is he so important in history and remains so calm and poised in all situations.

Obama and the Party have conducted many rehearsals to prepare for the take-over which will be accomplished in the early part of November 2016. The first rehearsal was when the Communists and Muslims, who had deftly shoehorned their way into government offices by deceit and voter fraud, put him the Oval Office. He would not show his birth certificate, or any information about his real identity including his educational records which shows conclusively that he was here on a foreign student visa. All of that was sealed. With enough supportive power from those who had been slipped into government, all remained silent.

The rehearsal was to determine if the Congress, Senate, Speaker of The House or Sgt. At-Arms would have him removed. Those spineless jelly fish [sic] sat quietly with no questions or hearings.

The next rehearsal was to see if Obama could make Marxist statements with his exact intentions with no push back reaction. Check: Rehearsal Went Well.

The final rehearsal will be the early part of November, 2016 when Obama intends to use Executive Order to declare himself president (dictator) for life.

The current powerful push to take guns away from all citizens is underway. This way the citizens can no longer defend their family's homes and property from armed invaders.

An Associated Press story today (5/10/15) has the headline: "Hundreds Rally for Gun Control" which is set in New York City. Leaders say it is absolutely necessary, that guns be outlawed. To do so now, they say, will protect us all from mass-killings (Columbine Aurora Theater [sic], Connecticut School, Stockton, etc.) Yes, Outlawing gun ownership will stop this madness. Really?

This would mean that the only people who would have guns would be the murderers, thieves and dictators. There is no way they would obey the law to turn in their guns. What an advantage this would offer them! Then we would really be fish in a barrel.

And who is pushing this gun grab in New York? It is New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is a known active communist who is fanning the flames of racial tension to divide America and has worked against the police.

First of all, I am convinced that these mass killings were purposely orchestrated for this very purpose, to disarm all Americans to retard resistance. Notice how the mentally ill (or just disturbed) perpetrated these shootings. They could easily be brainwashed into carrying out such deeds that would prove a point about private gun ownership and the threat to all families as a result. Then when Obama makes his move in 2016, he can waltz to the throne with no push back.

HOWEVER: These observable frantic moves have called citizens to action. It is buzzing on the internet (responses to news stories) how gun owners, in the millions, are locking and loading.

This is why our enemies are in panic mode to disarm every American. This is the same tactic used by Adolf Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and all Communist countries before effortlessly storming in and taking everyone into captive slavery.

Obama encourages sexual deviation, the closing of churches and the stomping and burning of the American Flag. He has managed to stir the people against one another, weakening us all, while our useless representatives simply sit and watch.

Obama has already rehearsed the nosedive of America to destruction. What he does not seem to realize, is that as millions of Americans die while the plane crashes, Obama will be among the dead. He is too blinded and stupid to consider that.

Yes, he really did write that! Such a shame he can't even spell Obama's first name.

His evidence? A picture of a black man walking on an American flag.

The MoG, Rev. Austin Miles is no stranger to making things up. A couple of years ago he was sacked as a writer for Christian Post for doing just that, and all his articles were removed. He had written a piece which attracted complaints from an Atheist about a particular phrase he had used. He promptly edited his article to remove the phrase, denied ever writing it and accused the Atheist of lying. Unfortunately for Miles, the Atheist could prove his claim.

A few days later he changed his story and claimed Atheists had hacked his article and deleted the offending line - which he had written after all. Apparently, MoG, Miles feels exempt from the prohibition on bearing false witness. This was the final straw for Christian Post who 'released him from his duties'. True to form, Miles blamed all this on the Soviet-style Communists for whom Christian Post were secretly working, as evidenced by the fact that they allowed Atheists, Communists and Homosexuals to comment on his articles; in other words, people who disagreed with him. (What? No Muslims of Jews?)

Miles, a former associate of Christian scammers, adulterers and hypocrites, the Bakkers, once claimed to have left organised religion and wrote a tell-all book about how the Assemblies of God Church and the FBI (sic) had ruined his life, his health and his finances, followed by a second book purporting to be letters from those who had been saved by his first book.

He then 're-converted' back to Christianity after the starting realisation that Isaiah 37 and 2 Kings 19 are identical. One might have expected a devout MoG to have actually read the Bible and noticed that earlier. Strangely, plagiarism is an unknown concept to Rev. Austin Miles, who has also worked as a professional showman, a clown and a ringmaster before becoming a preacher - an easy transition, no doubt. No doubt the realisation that there was more money to be made from preaching and supporting the extreme Christian right than in whinging about how beastly Christians are played no part in his re-conversion.

Of course I'm prepared to be charitable and accept that this supposed Man of God is simply using religion as a cover in the hope that people will take his extreme right-wing racist ramblings more seriously and give him money for them, because, of course, you can always trust the word of a MoG, and isn't really suffering from paranoid psychosis. Either way it reflects badly on religion and shows how cosily religion cuddles up to fascism.

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