Tuesday, 26 May 2015

More Nastiness From the 'Intelligent Designer'

Phylogeographical analysis of the dominant multidrug-resistant H58 clade of Salmonella Typhi identifies inter- and intracontinental transmission events : Nature Genetics : Nature Publishing Group

It's an open secret that the 'Intelligent Designer', who is central to the ID hoax, is the god of the Christian Bible.

All those who invented the hoax and are perpetrating it on a gullible, uninformed public, are fundamentalist Christians determined to subvert the US Constitution prior to establishing a Taliban-style, extremist Christian Theocracy in the USA. The Discovery Institute was specifically set up with this aim in mind and even produced The Wedge strategy as an initially secret program to achieve this within five years (that was some 15 years ago).

As I say, this is no secret and only those who still fanatically support the movement continue to delude themselves that people don't know about it, so they need to keep denying it, even still being careful to never refer to 'God' in case people twig the deception and realise that it's an attempt to smuggle biblical creationism into public schools disguised as science - as though we don't know already and as though it wasn't exposed as a subversive, politically-motivated fraud in the Kitzmiller vs Dover Area School District trial.

This means, of course, that the 'Intelligent Designer' is supposed to be a benevolent, anthropophilic god who created the Universe, Earth, and all life on it, just for humans like it says in the Bible. So, it always comes as a shock to the victims of the ID hoax when you point out just how nasty this 'Intelligent Designer' would have to be if it were real and really creates everything, even if it looks like whatever it is has evolved.

Take, for example, the Salmonella typhi bacillus that causes typhoid and used to kill millions of people before medical science discovered ways to treat it, including antibiotics. This no longer fills the graveyards of Europe with the bodies of children along with the victims of those other little pieces of 'Intelligent Design', cholera and poliomyelitis.

Now, however, apparently angered at the way humans have interfered with its 'loving' plan for the children of Africa, the 'Intelligent Designer' has hit back against the humans who had the effrontery to invent antibiotics, and has redesigned the Salmonella typhi bacillus so not only is it now resistant to our audaciously designed antibiotics, but it is also capable of quickly developing resistance to any new antibiotics we might come up with.

The emergence of multidrug-resistant (MDR) typhoid is a major global health threat affecting many countries where the disease is endemic. Here whole-genome sequence analysis of 1,832 Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi (S. Typhi) identifies a single dominant MDR lineage, H58, that has emerged and spread throughout Asia and Africa over the last 30 years. Our analysis identifies numerous transmissions of H58, including multiple transfers from Asia to Africa and an ongoing, unrecognized MDR epidemic within Africa itself. Notably, our analysis indicates that H58 lineages are displacing antibiotic-sensitive isolates, transforming the global population structure of this pathogen. H58 isolates can harbor a complex MDR element residing either on transmissible IncHI1 plasmids or within multiple chromosomal integration sites. We also identify new mutations that define the H58 lineage. This phylogeographical analysis provides a framework to facilitate global management of MDR typhoid and is applicable to similar MDR lineages emerging in other bacterial species.

Copyright © 2015, Rights Managed by Nature Publishing Group
Published under licence #3636720182532

The problem creationists have, whether disguised as scientists or just plain old scientifically illiterate loons who believe (probably with some justification) that Bronze Age goat-herders were better informed than they are, is that if they are going to wave all the nice things as evidence for a creator, they have to take ownership of the nasty things and account for those with the same theory (I use the term loosely) otherwise they just come across as an ignorant hypocrites.

So, perhaps an apologist for Intelligent Design or one of their willing dupes would like to try a little honesty and explain why their invisible creator friend seems so keen to make people sick and die that he has entered into an arms race with medical science and continually seeks to find way around our attempts to prevent sickness and suffering, and just how this fits in with being a loving, anthropophilic god who did it all because he loves us so.

Any takers, or will it be the usual avoidance and/or abuse?

By the way, if you ask an evolutionary biologist to account for this, there would be no need for abuse or evasions; you would get a simple, straightforward answer that any half-educated child could understand with little difficulty. Obviously, that option isn't available to creationists.

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