Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Crap Intelligent Designer - A Sicko Pervert?

The Intelligent Designer punishing sin
Fecal microbiota transplant cures C. diff, blocks multi-drug resistant pathogens, study shows -- ScienceDaily

There's no getting away from it; if you believe in an intelligent designer (i.e. God, although ID advocates aren't supposed to say that because it gives the game away that ID is biblical literalism in disguise) you believe it intends us to either be very sick, or to put other people's poo up our bottoms.

You see, this intelligent designer designed a nasty little spore-forming bacillus called Clostridium difficile which seems to have only one function - when it gets the chance it causes a really unpleasant condition in humans called C. difficile colitis which is the medical name for inflammation of the lining of the colon cause by C. difficile.

C. difficile is a normally-occurring bacterium in our intestines but it, like the other protozoans that live in our gut, mostly in a close symbiotic relationship with us, and upon whom we depend for good health, it is kept in check by all the others. Our so-called microbiota is normally a self-regulating ecosystem with each species occupying a niche. However, when something upsets this balance, like, for instance, a course of oral antibiotics or general ill-health, C. difficile can gain the upper hand in this dynamic balance. It then not only suppresses the other microorganisms but proliferates way beyond its normal low levels. This causes the colitis and results in uncontrollable, intractable diarrhoea.

As any intelligent design advocate will tell you, this must have been designed because the intelligent designer designed everything and intended everything to be exactly the way it is for a reason. Most of them will tell you that illness, like C. difficile colitis is probably the victim's fault for being sinful, or to put humans firmly in their place and remind them just who's in charge around here. Whatever the reason, this was all definitely designed and everything is working exactly as intended.

Now, however, and not for the first time, it has been shown that C. difficile colitis can be cured almost overnight, and apparently permanently by the simple procedure of a fecal transplant.


We report a case whereby fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) utilized for relapsing Clostridium difficile colitis, successfully eradicated colonization with several multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs). FMT may have an additive benefit of reducing MDRO carriage, and should be further investigated as a potential measure to eradicate potentially virulent organisms beyond C. difficile.

The fecal microbiota transplant was successful in replenishing the patient's gut flora and stopping the releases of Clostridium difficile. Intriguingly, we additionally found that by letting the normal bacteria replenish his gastrointestinal tract, the resistant bacteria which had plagued him up to that point, disappeared from his body.

Nancy Crum-Cianflone, MD,
Scripps Mercy Hospital, San Diego, CA.
A fecal microbiota transplant is an injection of a sample of a healthy person's faeces, suitably screened for harmful organisms and parasites, delivered through a colonoscopy tube. All antibiotics are discontinued and someone elses liquified poo, complete with their microbiota, is literally squirted up the rectum of the patient and into the colon. The normal organisms found in a healthy human gut proliferate and regain the control they lost to C. difficile, C. difficile is put back in its place and the normal gut microbiota is restored.

And of course, no ID proponent would dare argue that this wasn't part of the intelligent designer's plan, after all, everything, including the ability of the human microbiota to regain control when squirted up the bottom of a sick person, was foreseen and fully intended.

It takes an especially sick pervert to design something like that.

Fortunately, the scientists who came up with this treatment didn't dismiss everything as magic done by a magic man. Instead, they studied how microorganisms really work and how the human microbiota evolved, did a bit of lateral thinking and a bit of science and came up with a solution. They were able to do this because they didn't get all their science from a book of Bronze-Age creation myths written by people who thought Earth was flat and had a dome over it and who knew nothing whatsoever about microorganisms.

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