Thursday, 12 November 2015

My Books - What The Critics Say

I love Amazon's book reviews. Basically, anyone can say anything they want. Fortunately, there is a check that they've bought the book (a verified purchase) but anyone can write anything they want, truth or lies, accurate or inaccurate. Even semi-literate creationist trolls are free to post their abuse apparently with impunity.

Despite that though, and I'm fairly sure most of these people have actually bought or read the books, there are some really flattering reviews.

From Amazon UK
  • Excellent tonic for the rational. (Amazon Customer, verified purchase)
  • Well written if a little heavy going for someone like me. If you've enjoyed Rosa's blog postings over the years you'll enjoy this with a mix of new articles and some older ones that have been updated. (Wulf)
  • Garbage. A compilation of bullocks from his blog written under a fake name that you can google for free if you want to waste your time. (Timothy - ie Timothy Kerchner, Tiny Tim the habitual Internet abuser and creationist.)
  • Bought for husband - he hasn't put it down since it arrived - looks like other volumes will be excellent Christmas present - if he can wait that long ! (Mrs J Busby)

From Amazon USA
  • A wide range of writings on atheism, the harm done by religion, and the illogic of God and other religious ideas, focusing largely on Christianity but not letting other religions off the hook. It's entertainingly written, notably a performance review for God (hint -- he's not getting a raise). Each essay is independent so you can dip into it anywhere. The only criticism I have is that there are a bit too many distracting typographical errors, but that's a minor cavil. A good source of arguments to ward off pesky religionists who try to convert or belittle you -- a lot of the most annoying myths and lies about atheism are debunked. (Infidel753 verified purchase)
  • Complete and utter s***. Written by a"Ghost writer" with ... Complete and utter s***. Written by a guy with a fake name. (Little Timothy again. Did you guess?) Tiny Tim seems not to know that many writers use a pseudonym or what a ghost writer is yet feels qualified to write a 'literary review' of a book he hasn't read. Did I say he is a creationist? 8 of 8 people voted this comment down.

I'm really not sure which of those I'm most pleased with. I've obviously left a creationist incoherent with rage but this one regards himself as the world's leading expert on intelligent design and seems to have a gay crush on Michael Behe, so I count that as a positive. 'Timothy' use to spend a large part of his day typing abuse and obscenities in the comments on this blog under various fake names, including regular updates on the size of his genitalia and his prowess at ejaculating. He has had multiple fake Facebook accounts taken down. This is probably as good an advert for my books as I could wish for.

The rest are from sane people who have something worthwhile and informed to say. All of those are positive.

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