Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Darwin Creationist Award 2015 - Call For Candidates

After a gap of a year, I've decided to reinstate the prestigious Darwin Creationist Award. Well, there are far too many hilarious anti-science, pro-ignorant superstition posts on Facebook and Twitter to waste on the gullible and credulous who probably don't appreciate the funny side or the sheer 22 caret gold balm-pot lunacy that lurks in creationism, so we might as well have a good laugh and allow a wider audience to enjoy them too.

And what better way to discredit creationism than a display of creationist... er... creativity, and lack of critical thinking skills, than to put them on public display?

Unlike the Darwin Award, which is given to anyone who, by an act so stupid, improved the human gene pool by removing themselves and their genes from it, the Darwin Creationist award is given to the creationists who, by a post on the social media so stupid that it helps to improve the human meme pool by removing creationism from it. The winner will be decided by popular vote. The prize will be getting their effort to a wider audience so they can enjoy it too.

Recent winners can be see here, and here. Can anyone beat Joe Cienkowski's winning entry from 2013?

Post links in comments below, in reply to the post on G+ or to my Facebook timeline here or the dedicated Darwin Creationist Award Facebook page. Please supply a link to the candidate post with enough detail to identify the poster and include an optional citation explaining why the candidate is worthy of the award. Posts must be original. Creationists may not nominate themselves, even if under the impression that the award is intended as an endorsement of their post.

Here's a starter:
  1. Nominee: Richard Haralambos (Facebook) - 03 Nov 2015
    Text: Lots nonsense they drape in science that are nothing but (theories) they call it but rare nothing but logical fallacy and strawman invented stories....
    Smaller then the head of a pin.... Idiots with no common sense can tell that's weak and stupid...

    Citation: In typical creationist self-worshipping style, Richard feels he doesn't need to learn any science because his intuition tells him everything he needs to know, including the 'fact' that scientists are mentally defective for not agreeing with him.
  2. Nominee: Peter Bluer (YouTube) - 03 Sep 2011
    Apparently, lots of random numbers added together and arbitrarily assigned to words like 'Jesus', 'Christ' and 'Word' prove that the Bible is God's word. Somehow this has something to do with a secret code found in DNA. Not clears whose DNA or even which species.

    Presumably, this only applies in the English-speaking world and when using a Bible written in English. Maybe God didn't think the rest of the world was worthy of having a secret code inserted into their DNA in their own language. I wonder where in Peter's DNA one can find the codes for 'parochial' and 'arrogance'.

    Citation: You might like to take a look at this offering from among the vast treasure-house of my old friend Peter Bluer. Peter is no slouch in the IQ stakes - in fact, he is a highly gifted mathematician. But his application of numerical theory to the cause of creationism (which he has been perfecting for half a century now) must rank pretty highly in the wacky ideas listings. - Rob Crompton.
  3. Nominees: Teno Groppi / Dave Flang (YouTube) - 02 Nov 2015 Uploaded by Dave Flang
    Apparently, no one has told Teno Groppi about plate tectonics and how mountains are made, so he believed marine fossils on top of mountains are a problem for science as they prove mountains like Mount Everest were covered by the biblical flood. The rate of rainfall to achieve that would have been 6 inches per minute and would have made breathing impossible. But this isn't a problem for the flood story, obviously.

    Difficult to decide who is the candidate for the Darwin Creationist Award here - the person who made the video or the person who uploaded it - so it only seems fair to regard this as a combined effort by Teno Groppi and Dave Flang.
  4. Nominee: Allen Dubey - (Facebook) 29 Oct 2015
    Another joint effort, this time by Allen Dubey for sharing it and 'Exposing the lies' for posting it.

    This meme proudly displays the fact that creationists either don't know what evolution is but are ignorant simpletons who have been duped into thinking they know more than scientists do, or do know what it is and are lying about it to dupe ignorant simpletons for money.

    If you can't see what's wrong with it you aren't qualified to vote in this competition.

    As Darwin said, "Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge; it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science."

    Better examples of the truth of this are hard to come by, though they abound on creationists sites.
  5. Nominee: Joshua Maybee (Facebook) 13 November 2015
    Text: How come no one has a labored over the history of Minecraft?
    Those ores must have taken millions of years, and I can't build a house any quicker than a few months... That game... Must have been around longer than computers have existed!!!!

    Citation: Joseph feels this proves there must have been some intelligence that created Earth. For those who aren't familiar with Minecraft, it's a computer simulation game enjoyed by children. My 8 year-old grandson was heavily into it until recently but now seems to have grown out of it.
  6. Nominee: Jakada Maccabee (Huey Freeman) (Facebook) 23 November 2015
    Text: Evolutionists would have us believe that there are nice, neat fossil layers with older fossils being found in the deepest layers and newer fossils being found in the newest layers. This simply is not true at all…
    The fossil layers are not found in the ground in the nice neat clean order that evolutionists illustrate them to be in their textbooks. There is not one place on the surface of the earth where you may dig straight down and pass through the fossil layers in the order shown in the textbooks. The neat order of one layer upon another does not exist in nature. The fossil bearing layers are actually found out of order, upside down (backwards according to evolutionary theory), missing (from where evolutionists would expect them to be) or interlaced (“younger” and “older” layers found in repeating sequences). “Out of place” fossils are the rule and not the exception throughout the fossil record. The answer to why we find the jumble of fossils today, accounts more for the global flood event, rather than the idea of a slow gradual process over millions of years.

    Citation: Jakada finds this copy and paste from a creationist children's disinformation site to be an accurate and convincing argument against evolution and for a special magic creation. Apparently, he doesn't know where to begin to check these claims, or is too afraid to.
  7. Nominee: Hrishikesh Joshi (Facebook) 07 February 2016
    Darwin Uncle was wrong
    He said that All Species are evolved from one cell
    Ok Just tell me as he said we all evolved from one cell
    That first cell could not have all of the elements of perodic table in itself,Darwin`s theory says Old species evolved bones,Ok I can understand Natrual selection,Ok but even if DNA wants to evolve bones it can`t,bones are made by calcium element from perodic table,So what do you mean??,First genration DNA said let there be calcium and calcium evolved,No it is not possible,someone will say it is process of milions of years
    why millions?Take Trillion years,then also Tissue or First Genration or DNA
    cannot evolve elements from perodic table,Similer for Blood,Some Species have blood and some has fluid,those who has blood has fe means iron in their blood,There is no way DNA can evolve Iron even in Zillion years noone can evolve Iron,Horns,Hairs,Teeths,Organs,Vains consist various elements from perodic table,So there is no way That DNA can evolve Elements from perodic table,that prooves Evolution is Wrong,DNA cant`t do like let there be Iron,Let there be Calcium,Let their be celloulose,It is impossible

    Citation: It's common enough to find creationists who know little or nothing of evolution save the disinformation they've gleaned from a few creationist scam sites but it's rare to find one who is this profoundly ignorant of so much science and yet still feels qualified to announce to the world that he's decided Darwinian Evolution is impossible. Apparently, it's all to do with DNA not being able to evolve calcium and iron even if it wanted to.

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  1. You might like to take a look at this offering from among the vast treasure-house of my old friend Peter Bluer. Peter is no slouch in the IQ stakes - in fact, he is a highly gifted mathematician. But his application of numerical theory to the cause of creationism (which he has been perfecting for half a century now) must rank pretty highly in the wacky ideas listings.


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