F Rosa Rubicondior: Dinosaur Extinction? It Was Them Gays Who Caused It!

Saturday 19 August 2017

Dinosaur Extinction? It Was Them Gays Who Caused It!

Anthony Othman, paleontologist,
Curator at the Creation Museum, Petersburg, Kentucky
‘Homosexuality Led to Extinction of Dinosaurs’, Claims Top Scientist – World News Daily Report

[Update] This turned out to be a satirical item.

The fundamentalist Christian unhealthy obsession with homosexuality took a slightly unusual turn a few days ago.

Instead of blaming the latest earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, terrorist attack, influenza outbreak or forest fire on homosexuality, the curator of the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, palaeontologist, Anthony Othman has a new theory; dinosaur extinction was caused by homosexuals!

No! Really! Read on.

He reached this conclusion by studying homosexuality amongst iguanas and noting that females impregnated with the sperm of homosexual males tended to produce homosexual offspring, regardless of gender. He estimated that within five generations these artificially bred populations would have become extinct without artificial insemination. Putting this finding alongside the finding that the majority of velociraptor dinosaur fossils in the region were apparently male, he concludes that homosexuality is what killed off the dinosaurs.

There are so many glaring holes in this that's it's really difficult to know where to begin.

  • Why would homosexuality in velociraptors produce a preponderance of male offspring? Are these the result of male-male matings? Could it be more likely that there was either a population gender imbalance for some other reason, or even that males tended to blunder into situations that led to them becoming fossils?
  • How does this explain the extinction of balanced populations of dinosaurs?
  • How would homosexual male iguanas impregnate female iguanas naturally? If there is a gay iguana gene, the gene would go extinct, not the population. Any such gene would tend to diminish in the population not increase in it.
  • Othman appear to have forgotten that to pass on a gene, an individual actually needs to breed heterosexually. Male-male and female-female sex has a very high tendency not to produce offspring.

In fact, of course, this is biological nonsense and is designed, rather unintelligently, to appeal to the homophobic bigots that infest creationist groups.

Given the scientific evidence of the close association between excessive homophobia and repressed homosexuality, one seriously wonders about the mental state of those who obsess so much about homosexuality that they need to go to this length to find excuses to spread their hate and try to dissociate themselves from it.

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