F Rosa Rubicondior: The Unintelligent Designer: Refuting the ID Hoax [Update]

Monday 30 July 2018

The Unintelligent Designer: Refuting the ID Hoax [Update]

$10.75 (£8.45, €9.25) Paperback. $5.95 (£4.55, €5.10) Kindle
How can the malaria parasite, with its hugely complex life cycle and all the internal complexity of its single cell possibly be described as intelligently designed when whatever it was 'designed' for - apparently making people sick, killing children and making more malarial parasites - could have been achieved far more simply?

And how could such a design be explained as the work of a maximally good creator without abandoning science and falling back on a religious superstition including 'The Fall' and 'sin'?

Why do Giant puffballs produce 70 trillion spores just to ensure one or two become new Giant puffballs? Why does every cell in every chicken contain genes for making a dinosaur face and growing a penis only to have them overridden and made redundant? Why do some humans have tails and why do Christmas trees have seven times more DNA than you?

And why is almost all life on Earth dependent on the least efficient enzyme known?

These and many more examples of needless complexity, prolific waste, ultimately futile arms races and sub-optimal efficiency, all refuting the notion of intelligence and design in nature are revealed in my latest book, The Unintelligent Designer: Refuting the Intelligent Design Hoax, which reveals ID to be a hoax, deliberately intended to fool the gullible and scientifically illiterate.

This book will appeal to those who love nature and want to know the truth, no matter how unpleasant, rather than settling for simplistic ideas which, when examined in detail are found to be wanting. It will appeal to those with the intellectual honesty to change their minds when the facts, and their understanding of them, changes.

It will make uncomfortable reading for those religious fanatics who are proud that nothing can make them change their mind and who vainly believe their evidence-free opinions trump even facts.

Available for Kindle within the next few days and as a paperback shortly after.

[Update] Now available as a paperback or ebook for Kindle.

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