Sunday, 20 June 2021

Christian Hate News - Pastor Greg Locke is Suspiciously Obsessive About Gay Sex!

Pastor Greg Locke of the Global Vison Bible Church, Tennessee
Christian Hate-Preacher: Pride Month Has “Always Been About These Pedophiles” | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Preacher of hate, Greg Locke, of Global Vision Bible Church, Mt Juliet, Tennessee, seems fixated with homosexuality to a degree that must raise questions about what exactly he is trying to dissociate from. In his latest outburst he is ranting about Gay Pride:
I know what the Bible teaches. And what the Bible teaches is that pride is an abomination. Pride in sin is a double abomination. So now we've decided that we would nationalistically and around the world take an entire month to celebrate something that God clearly says in His Bible grieves Him. "Because, after all, love is love." Not according to the Bible! Love ain't always love! Sometimes love is lust!

Sometimes love is rebellion. Sometimes love is a disconnection and disobedience from the word of God. Real love doesn't rejoice in evil! It rejoices in the truth...

So I try to be kind in the way that I say that, but we have raised an entire generation of people that say "What you need to do is stay out of people's bedrooms." Hey, what they need to do is stay out our public schools, and stay off of Disney, and stay off of Nickelodeon, and stay off a Kellogg's box, right? We knew a long time ago when we gave same-sex marriage an unlawful benediction... we knew back then it wasn't just gonna stop! But didn't they say that? "...If you would just give us same-sex marriage, we would leave you alone."

[Let me tell] you something. And I love the truth enough to say what's about to come out of my mouth... It has always been about the children! It has always been about the children, it wasn't about same-sex marriage! It's always been about these pedophiles!
Of course he can't resist the lie of conflating homosexuality and paedophilia (which again raises questions about his own sexual fantasies), but this fraud is intent on playing on his dupes' fears for the safety of their children.

After all, who want's gays on their Cornflakes boxes! And you know, they even go to school and some of them are allowed to be actors and make films and everything!

What the hateful bigot doesn't get is, it is precisely because of the hate that he and his fellow Christian fundamentalists have for homosexuals and the lies that they wilfully perpetuate, that homosexuals need gay pride months. Gay pride is about making homosexuals get over the self-loathing and hate that Christians try to force on them. It's about being comfortable with who you are and not allowing bigots to force you into their predetermined role for you or saddle you with guilt and victim-shame because they need a minority to bully and feel superior to.

And it's about getting over the bad old days when Christians called the shots and promoted laws to repress and victimise anyone who made them conscious of their own repressed sexuality - which is quite possibly the cause of Pastor Greg Locke's hysterical outbursts and his need to blame 'God' for his gratuitously vicious homophobia.

Religion provides excuses for people who need excuses!

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