Friday, 11 June 2021

Talibangelical False Prophet News - Loopy Jeff Jansen Still Can't Accept Reality

Jeff Jensen, former Co-Senior leader, Global Fire Ministries International, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA
'Prophet' Jeff Jansen Declares, 'It's Revolution Time,' Says Trump Will Be Back in Office in June | Right Wing Watch

Even his fellow Talibangelical Christians at Global Fire Ministries International in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA, are embarrassed by false prophet and fanatical Trumpanzee, Jeff Jansen, it seems. Not surprisingly, either, given Jansen's increasingly bizarre behaviour as he tries to justify his false prophesies throughout 2020 that Donald Trump would win in November, although, it's probably not his unswerving devotion to the worship of Donald Trump and his blatant false prophesies that seem to concern them most.

Jansen's first attempt to make his false prophesies look like true ones was to simply declare that Trump did win really, then he announced that God had told him he would restore Trump to the White House by March 2021, apparently having been powerless to stop the 'Satanic padophile cnnibals' stealing the election. When March 2021 came and went, he decided that God had meant May, but in May he announced it would now be June.

But apparently it was March anyway, becuse America is now being secretly run by a military government and is under martial law, with Trump calling the shots from his mansion in Florida; the generals are just waiting for the right moment to arrest Biden and Harris, and other leading members of the 'child-trafficking, Satan-worshipping gang of paedophile cannibals' who run the 'deep state', who 'stole' the election (i.e., won when they weren't supposed to by cheating and getting people to vote for them who shouldn't have been allowed to vote). God has allegedly revealed that the date has now been set for 23 June, 2021, to return Trump to the White House. Jansen has proclaimed this the first day of spring in America, so when he said March, then May, God obviously meant spring, so the prophesy will be true.

Actually 23 June is summer because spring in USA officially starts on 20 March, and ends on 20 June and summer begins on 21 June, but what is a little redefinition from someone who regularly redefines everyday words and phrases like 'win', 'landslide', 'martial law' and 'lawful president'? Or perhaos it's just God who has muddled the seasons and doesn't know when one ends and the next begins.

Jansen told his Trumpanzee cult followers:
President Trump is going to be addressing the GOP and the nation. Watch what happens. I said by spring, which starts officially June 23, we’d be dancing in the streets. The Trump administration is on its way in; the pedophilia Biden administration—the fake administration—Biden’s administration is on its way out. I don’t care if you like it or not, it doesn’t matter. We all know what took place, and God is going to do something amazing in this nation and through this nation. It’s revival time. It’s revolution time.
The final straw for the Global Fire management was not his run of the mill false prophesies and obvious lies, or his obsessive homophobia, and probably not even his instruction to his henchmen to shoot to kill anyone who 'tries something' in church. The final straw was his horrible personality and behaviour in his private life, including his decision to desert his wife and family and 'pursue his own desires'. According to this report, he was sacked from his position of leadership in Global Fire Ministries last April. As an email to church members, which gave very little away concerning the specifics of his unacceptable behaviour, explained:
A statement from the leadership team, Board, and advisors of Global Fire Ministries
May 5, 2021

It is with deep sorrow that Jeff Jansen has been asked, by his board, to step down as Co-Senior Leader of Global Fire Church, and from Global Fire Ministries due to unscriptural and unbiblical behaviour. He was asked to step down in April, and this was made public to the church body on May 2, 2021. A statement was released to partners and friends on May 5.

Due to a pattern of making poor moral choices and bad coping mechanisms, character flaws became obvious which disqualified Jeff from New Testament leadership. His lifestyle in the home, travelling on the road, and in the House of God, has fallen below Biblical standards laid out for those in leadership. He has been confronted concerning these flaws numerous time over a period of time.

Rather than submit to the process of healing and restoration, Jeff recently made an intentional decision to leave his wife and fmily to pursue his own desires. He remains unrepentant and unremorseful.

Any pursuit of further ministry on Jeff's behalf is not under the umbrella and blessing of Global Fire Minsitries, Global Fire Church will continue to thrive! Our church was built on the importance of family and that will remain.

Your prayers for all are greatly apreciated.


Global Fire Leadership Team, Board and Advisors.
Fanatical Trumpanzee, Talibangelical, white supremacist and obsessive homophobe, Jeff Jansen, clearly feels his piety entitled him to self-licence exemptions from the rules he commands others to live by. As a false prophet with multiple false prophesies to his credit, Jensen, almost certainly didn't foresee that coming!

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