F Rosa Rubicondior: Talibangelical Covidiot News - The Self-Possessed Arrogance of "God's Prophets".

Tuesday 29 June 2021

Talibangelical Covidiot News - The Self-Possessed Arrogance of "God's Prophets".

Chuck Pierce, Global Pheres, Ince, Corinth, Texas
"God cause the Coronavirus pandemic so he could get closer to me!"
'Prophet' Chuck Pierce: God 'Stopped the Whole World' With COVID-19 to a Deeper Relationship With Me | Right Wing Watch

Despite the Christian teaching against the 'deadly sin' of pride, American Talibangelical fundamentalist 'Prophets of God' simply can't get over their self-worshipping idolatry. "God did/does it all for me, because I'm so special!"

This is the clear message from fruitloop Talibangelist Chuck Pierce. A few days ago he 'revealed' to viewers of Cindy Jacob's Facebook 'Religious Center' the astonishing fact that God had caused the Coronavirus pandemic just so he could build a closer relationship with Chuck Pierce, president of Global Spheres, Inc., Corinth, Texas, USA.

I believe it has been a year and a half of me being redone. The Spirit of God said it to me this way: ‘Have you ever thought that I stopped the whole world just for you to form a new relationship with me?’ And I really knew right then, this is about me and the Lord and what he is trying to do in me and how we’re forming a new relationship.
Well, obviously it had something to do with the most important person around! Why else would God go to all that trouble and indiscriminately kill so many people, make so many more sick and ruin so many businesses and economies?

It must be a great comfort to the relatives of the 3.9 million people who have died of Covid-19 so far, and the 181.5 million made sick (Johns Hopkins University, 29 June, 2021), and the vast number of people who have lost their livelihoods, that they were simply bit-players in God's divine plan to get closer to Chuck Pierce.

I certainly feel much better about not having been able to take a foreign holiday for the second year running, knowing that it helped God get closer to Chuck Pierce! No doubt all the people who rely on tourism for their livelihood can take great comfort in that thought, too!

But, in the self-possessed, parochial little world of American evangelical fundamentalism, how could it possibly not have something to do with the leader of an American Christian talibangelical cult, when nothing of any importance happens in the rest of the world and everything that happens in God's special country, the USA, is of major importance to the rest of the world?

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