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Talibangelical Christian Theocracy News - Pastor Tony Spell Spills the Beans

Pastor Tony Spell, Life Tabernacle Church, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
"Government of USA should be by prophets (himself) at the top, then priests, then princes, then the people, God sez!"
Christian Nationalist Tony Spell Says Prophets Should Reign Over Government and the People | Right Wing Watch

It is unusual for a Talibangelical Christian pastor to be so honest (and lacking in nouse) as to admit their political ambitions in public, knowing full well that they need to pretend to be good democrats and supportive of US democracy if they are to keep fleecing their dupes, but extreme right-winger, Pastor Tony Spell, of the Life Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has no such qualms. He wants to run the government, or at least have the right to veto government policies he doesn't like and command others instead.

Not to put too fine a point on it, he has ambitions to be the American equivalent of the Iranian Supreme Leader or the equivalent of a Taliban Caliph. Unelected, accountable to no-one but himself and having the power to meddle in every aspect of public and private life in the USA.

As he told The Pete Santilli Show recently, he believes there is a divine order for the government of the USA. It is supposed to be the prophets, then the priests, then the prices (the governing bodies), then the people. He clams God laid down this rule for the governance of the United states by telling it to the Hebrew prophet, Isaiah at a time before anyone in Israel knew of the existence of the Americas, let along the United States of America, and I challenge anyone to find the passage in the Bible where this alleged divine order was revealed. Isiah, it may be remembered, famously prophesied that Jesus would be called Emmanuel - a name by which he was never referred, by anyone who wrote about him in the Bible, not even by Matthew who bent over backwards to make it look like Jesus was the subject of ancient prophesy.

[People close to President Joe Biden] said this president is not suffering dementia, he is possessed with the devil. When you see him where he can’t speak properly and can’t pronounce words, we laugh at that, but we are actually invaded from Hell itself in the executive branch of United States of America. We’re in spiritual warfare.

The past 24 months has been a spiritual battle. We have been invaded from Hell itself to destroy the greatest nation on Earth. And where did they start? They started with the churches; ‘Let’s close the churches, let’s silence the voices of the prophets.’

It should be in the United States of America: the prophet, the priests, the prince, and the people. Isaiah talks about that. There is a divine order. God says, ‘I want to speak to my prophet, he’s going to speak to my priests, and then the princes’—that’s governing bodies—’and then the people.’ Well, today everything is upside down. You have the people controlling the government, the government controlling the priests who have silenced the prophets.

America is in trouble today. America is in trouble with God. It’s supposed to be the prophet, then the priests, then the government, then the people.

Pastor Toney Spell, right wing Talibangelical loon
Life Tabernacle Church
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
And never one to resist embroidering the facts, or even making them up out of whole cloth, he justifies his claim to dictatorial powers based on this fictional bible passage and on what he claims some people from the White House who are close to Joe Biden, who told him - that he isn't suffering from dementia but has been possessed by the Devil.

Services at Life Tabernacle Church in the suburb of Baton Rouge, La., continued despite the governor’s order banning large gatherings to fight the spread of the coronavirus. On Sunday, 3 May, 2020, Pastor Tony Spell boasted that 1,265 congregants attended morning services at the church.

Photo credit: Woody Jenkins / Central City News
Loony Spell became notorious early in the pandemic when, panicking about the loss of income closing churches would cause, he demanded his followers give him their stimulus checks that the government had issued to help the economy recover from lockdown. Like a con artist, he had wind that his marks had come into some money and set about relieving them of it. He was then placed under house arrest for refusing to give an assurance that he would not hold church services in contravention of the lawful prohibitions on indoor gatherings. He then held a service in his own home.

His lucrative success at martyrdom then spurred him on to greater things as, while under house arrest and banned from holding church services, he walked the 50 yards from his home to a nearby church and held a public service, then he boasted about his crime on the social media, proud of the fact that he had endangered the health and welfare of not only his followers but their families, friends and anyone else they came into contact with. And all for the greater glory and aggrandizement of Pastor Tony Spell.

As an evangelical Christian fundamentalist, of course, Spell feels entitled to pick and choose which laws to comply with and which he can award himself and exemption from. And he feels entitled to the special privilege of making laws for others to follow.

By this time, of course, he was taking his cue from Donald Trump and his fellow Trumpanzee/QAnon conspiracists and, along with other self-appointed evangelical Christian 'Prophets of God', was prophesying a Trump landslide in the November election, which God had assured him he would deliver, and declaring that the Democrats were child-trafficking Satanist, paedophile cannibals organised by Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama and of course, Joe Biden, and that Trump had been chosen by God to lead the fight against these evils people who were out to destroy America and take over the world.

True to his 'Christian compassion' he cited President Biden's stammer as evidence of demonic possession.

Clearly, to over-ambitious, wannabee right-wing dictators like Pastor Tony Spell, the idea of democracy, where the people control the government, is anathema, but most of his fellow frauds have the common sense to hide their naked greed and arrogant sense of entitlement a little better than this Talibangelical nut-job.

And, of course, this is entirely consistent with both books of the Bible, where there is not a single word in favour of democracy or government of the people by the people and for the people, but governments are always rigidly autocratic, mostly self-appointed and accountable to no-one but themselves.

Religion provides excuses for people who need excuses.

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