Sunday, 26 April 2020

Covidiots - Pastor Tony Spell under House Arrest

Pastor Tony Spell
"Give me your stimulus checks!"
COVID-19-Defying Pastor Tony Spell Placed Under House Arrest | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Readers may recall how pastor Tony Spell managed to exceed the normal abysmal standards of fundamentalist Christian evangelist greed by demanding that unemployed people should send him their stimulus checks. He has been placed under house arrest for refusing to assure a judge that he would not encourage people to gather together in his church by holding open services.

He had been arrested and charged “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon". He is now deemed to be too much of a threat to society to be allowed to leave his house.

Last Friday, Spell was asked by a district judge in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, if he would comply with state orders that limit the number of people who can gather together in one place at the same time. He answered by quoting a Bible verse. Asked again by the judge, he remained silent, which the judge interpreted as a refusal to comply with the state order. He has now been bailed and ordered not to leave his own home.

Spell has since compared himself to Rosa Parks saying he had 'refused to give up his seat'. Unlike Parks, however, Spell is not fighting for civil rights and the rights and welfare of others, but for his assumed privilege right to put other people's lives at risk in return for money. He is fighting to be allowed to but his own greed and selfishness about the health and welfare of others. He is more like the white supremacists who demanded the right to sit in the best seats on the bus at the expense of the comfort and rights of the under-class. He is the epitome of the privileged Christian, insisting their rights be held in higher regard than the rights (and in this case lives) of others.

With few people attending church, pastors like Tony Spell have suffered a major loss of income, hence the demands that people send them what little they have and continue paying tithes even whilst unemployed.

In defiance of the court, Spell has since held a service in his own home and openly boasted that there were more than 10 people present. Presumably, in expectation that his wish for martyrdom is about to be granted with a spell in prison for defiance of the court, he announced that he would not be heard of again for several months after Sunday at 12:00.

One can only hope so. Meanwhile his victims are urged to go into voluntary isolation for two weeks to minimise the risk of passing on Covid-19 to those members of society who were intelligent enough not to fall for Spell's scam. One hopes that not too many of them pay with their lives for falling for another Christian covidiot parasite who placed his own wealth and comfort above those of his victims.

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