Thursday, 16 April 2020

Catholic Child Abuse - Pell Faces 26 More Allegations

Cardinal George Pell "Facing 26 more allegations"
George Pell’s Andrew Bolt interview: Cardinal facing fresh investigation.

There are persistent rumours that Cardinal Pell, former number 3 in the Vatican, who was recently cleared by the Australian High Court, after being convicted of the sexual abuse of two boys in the 1990s, is facing a further 26 allegations and is under investigation by the police.

Four Officers from the Auburn Police Area Command arrived at about 2.30 pm at The Good Shepherd Seminary in Abbotsford Road, Homebush, Sydney, NSW, where Pell is staying, for what was describes as a pre-arranged meeting to 'discuss security protocols".

In an interview with Sky News Australia presenter, Andrew Bolt, Pell took his lead from the Pope and complained of being persecuted by the media. In an oblique reference to Pell, following his release, Pope Francis had earlier compared him to Jesus (sic) in having been persecuted and convicted while innocent.

In the interview, Pell said he would not be surprised if he faced further charges but could not explain the 26 new allegations which he said "were certainly extraordinary". He was not asked what his defence lawyer, Robert Richter, meant when appealing for leniency before sentence in the lower court, he described the sexual abuse of one of the two boys as 'vanilla sex' where he only penetrated the boy briefly without his consent, but didn't ejaculate.

Pell had originally faced a second trial which was dropped after details of his conviction were released to the World's press, having been under a strict gagging order to prevent his conviction influencing any further trial.

Details of any of these 26 new allegations have yet to be released. Meanwhile, New South Wales Police have refused to comment on the allegations or to confirm that they are carrying out any further investigations into Pell's alleged sexual predation on young boys.

Details of the pending investigation by the Catholic Church's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which was to hold a secret 'canonical trial' of Pell in the Vatican, have not been released either, though it's hard to see that being anything other than a charade, given Pope Francis' near euphoria over his old chum, Pell's release.

This story still has legs. There is probably yet more to come out of the woodwork surrounding Pell and the criminal mob he presided over as head of the Catholic Church in Australia where one of his tricks was to offer his priest's victims a paltry sum in full and final 'settlement' on condition they signed a non-disclosure agreement binding them to never reveal anything about their abuse to anyone, including the police.

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