Sunday, 26 April 2020

Covidiots - Intelligent Design Creationists

Scientists Are Tired of Explaining Why The COVID-19 Virus Was Not Made in a Lab

News that scientists have established beyond reasonable doubt that the Covid-19 virus, also known as SARS-CoV-2 was the result of natural mutation in an animal host and not the result of a laboratory experiment that 'escaped' is terrible news for intelligent (sic) design creationists who now have to explain one simple thing:

Why is this evolutionary explanation the only explanation for Covod-19 that doesn't leave their putative creator god looking like a malevolent, genocidal, anthropophobic psychopath?

The ability of viruses like these to mutate and produce the occasional beneficial mutation (from the point of view of the virus) and to transfer between hosts (zoonosis) is because the new host has the same RNA replicating machinery as the old host - inherited from a common ancestor. Once mutated and infecting a new host, it finds itself in a population which has never experienced it before and so has no 'herd immunity' in the population. It thus finds itself in a population which is effectively defenceless against it.

Bearing in mind that, according the the IDiot view, the same allegedly omniscient designer who has designed this virus also designed our immune system, this would appear to be a serious oversight, or a deliberate weakness.

It is interesting too how quickly Christian and Muslim ID proponents, who still pretend ID is real science and an alternative scientific explanation for biodiversity, have abandoned that pretense and are now claiming the virus was indeed designed by their god as a punishment for ehatever particular hobby-horse they currently have - homosexuallity, equal rights for minorities, not enough religion in schools/government/court rooms, etc.

In other words, an explanation based on religious fundamentalism, not science at all, and one that presents the creator god in question as a malevolent, vengeful god handing out murderous punishments for non-compliance with dogma.

So, would any ID proponent like to explain why evolution is the only explanation for Covid-19 that doesn't make their god look like a malevolent, genocidal, anthropophobic, psychopath?

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