Monday 27 April 2020

Covidiots - Pastor Tony Spell's Desire for Martyrdom

Pastor Tony Spell, "Wanna be a martyr!"
Despite House Arrest Order, the COVID-19-Defying Pastor Preached at Church Today | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Covid-19 is a godsend for disingenuous Pastor Tony Spell, in his desperate search for martyrdom. The social distancing measures needed to slow down the spread of the lethal virus to prevent health services from being overwhelmed, has provided him with just the excuse he needs to get himself arrested and imprisoned so he can play the victim card for all it's worth.

As reported yesterday, he is subject to a court order forbidding him to leave his own home because he refused to comply with Louisiana state orders banning gatherings of more than 10 people - including in places of worship. He has been fitted with an ankle monitor device to ensure his compliance.

Despite this, in open defiance of the ban, he held a church service at a church some 50 yards from his home, then boasted about his crime on the social media. In his livestream broadcast, members of his church foolish enough to join him in his search for martyrdom, including children, can be seen ignoring social distancing advice and Spell can be seen showing off his ankle monitor, declaring:

I’m not hiding anymore. It’s a dirty, rotten, crying shame when you have to hide in America!" God gave you an immune system to kill the virus, I’m not going to bind the virus.”

He neglected to explain why this God-given immune system seems not to be up to the task for so many people.

One member of Spell's church has already died from Covid-19 and one of his lawyers is reported as having contracted it. Apparently, this, and the risk to other members of his church, their families and to the wider public who might come into contact with them, is a price Spell is willing to pay in his search for martyrdom.

It now remains to be seen whether the court will deal as severely as it would with someone placed under restrictions for robbing a store who ignored the order, or whether it will smile leniently on him for waving a Bible. Whatever, Tony Copeland can be guaranteed to continue to seek the martyrdom he so obviously craves.

As of today (27 April 2020) 986,000 Americans have contracted Covid-19 of which 55,417 have died. The USA accounts for some 32% of cases worldwide. Meanwhile, extreme right-wing Christian evangelist preachers, fearful of their loss of income, are campaigning to get the ban on gatherings in churches lifted. A church service, where people sing and shout in close proximity to one another, is the ideal environment for Covid-19 to spread. To keep themselves, their families and the wider community safe, Americans should avoid places of worship and avoid contact with people selfish and reckless enough to go to them.

Magic simply does not work against viruses and to imagine it does, is dangerously deluded. When a cure is found, it will be found by science, not by Christian pastors casting spells at it.

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