Monday 27 April 2020

Covidiots - Kenneth Copeland Has Killed Covid-19 - Again

Kenneth Copeland, "Coronavirus is over"
Scamvangelist, Taking Credit for California Heat Wave, Declares COVID-19 “OVER!” | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Earlier this month, while he was killing Covid-19 by blowing on it and casting magic spells at it, mega-rich Christian televangelist Kenneth Copeland also called on God to cause a heatwave at Easter to kill the Virus in New York (as though his magic wasn't going to be enough).

He declared:

All God needs to do to deliver us is a heatwave, a supernatural heatwave. You know, usually you get what they call the Easter spell. When you think everything is warming up and all of a sudden you get a cold front. Well now, this year it’s going to be a[n] Easter heatwave, It’s going to get so hot in New York City. It’s going to get so hot and muggy, glory to God! It’s going to hit that place and it’s going to burn that virus. It’s going to, you know what it’s like in New York City at 85 or 90 degrees. It’s going to get however hot it has to get there to kill that thing right now all over this nation and the rest of the world where it’s needed.

Unfortunately, that turned out to be a false prophecy - which is probably why so few televangelists are employed in weather forecasting!

But it DID get hot in California!

Now Copeland has realised he meant Los Angeles, not New York. During his livestream broadcast last Friday, after reading some headline about the heatwave in Los Angeles, he excitedly declared:

Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Lord! This thing is OVER! Glory to God, it’s FINISHED and it’s over! Hallelujah! Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Lord!

Meanwhile, the number of deaths in USA continues to rise and, as the social distancing measures reduce the transmission rate, the number of new cases is showing signs of plateauing or even declining in some areas, but the Covid-19 virus is still very much alive and deadly dangerous just as much to anyone foolish enough to follow Copelands dangerous advice and behave as though it isn't there, as to normal people.

You can always trust a Christian televangelist fraud to take credit for something that would have happened anyway. Copeland is now asking his credulous dupes, or 'partners' as he calls them, to give him the $17-20 million he needs to improve his runway and hanger at his private lakefront mansion to house the private jet they bought him so he doesn't need to travel in a commercial 'tube full of demons'. Presumably, these 'demons' are the viruses infecting other passengers that haven't yet received the memo that Copeland has killed them.

Hopefully, history won't forget the role these dangerous and avaricious right-wing Christians played in spreading the virus and giving their credulous followers lethal disinformation to satisfy their limitless greed and desire for self-aggrandisement, in direct contradiction to all that their faith supposedly teaches about humility, compassion, personal honesty, and selling all their possessions and giving to the poor and needy.

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