Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Another High-Ranking Catholic Resignation

Philip Wilson. Former Archbishop of Adelaide
Archbishop Philip Wilson resigns after sex abuse cover-up - CNN

A brief update on the article of a month ago concerning (now former) Archbishop of Adelaide, Philip Wilson, sentenced to 12 months detention (incorectly reported by CNN as 6 months although he will probably serve only 6 months of the 12 month sentence), probably in his sister's house. The court is due to rule in August on the suitability of his sister's house as a detention centre.

At the time of his conviction last May, he continued to protest his innocence and refused to resign his position in the Catholic Church. As recently as last week he was saying he would not resign, pending the outcome of an apeal.

Wilson has now resigned.

He was convicted in May for protecting his friend and predatory paedophile priest, James Fletcher, who was convicted of nine offences of child sexual abuse and sentenced prison in 2004. He died in prison two years later.

Wilson's resignation comes after Australian PM, Malcolm Turnbull, called on the Pope to sack him earlier last month and close on the resignation of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, former Archbishop of Washington. Some saw that as the Pope's response to the embarrassment of all 34 of Chile's Cathiolic bishops tenderign their resignation oover the Chilan Church's handling of complaints of paedophile aabuse.

It will be interesting to see whether the Pope's new-found determination to take the problem seriously results in more high-level 'resignations'.

The trial in Australia of Cardinal Pell has still to begin.

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