Friday, 19 November 2021

Fleecing the Suckers - Kat Kerr Shows How Easy it is to Fleece Trump-Supporting Talibangelical Christians

Kat Kerr
Talibangelical Christian False Prophetess
“Prophetess”: God’s Moving Me Into a Mansion So I Can “Infiltrate” the Wealthy | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

The notorious false prophetess, Kat Kerr, has boasted to her credulous supporters about what she is doing with all the tax-free money they give her - she is buying a mansion in an exclusive, gated community in Florida.

True to form however, she fooled them some more by telling them God had told her to buy it so he could use her to 'infiltrate her into the circle of the wealthy and the rich'! Well, that's her story and she's sticking to it. And why not? She knows full well that anyone who thinks Donald Trump was a competent president, let alone a good one worth re-electing, will probably believe anything. After all, experience must tell her that no matter how preposterous her claims, her simpleton victims will continue to pay good money just to hear it.

In one of her recent 'prophecies', she announced that she was sending 100 million angels to 'rain terror on the White House'.

No matter than none of her 'prophecies' ever come to pass, they continue to lap up her increasingly deranged nonsense and tales of her frequent visits to Heaven to chat to her personal friends, God and Jesus and accounts of God coming into her bedroom in the night to ask her advice, and tales of her magic powers to control natural events and command vast armies of angels - who never seem to obey her orders.

Recently she claimed to have taken control of incoming hurricanes and rendered them harmless, when they continued to wreak havoc in the USA and Caribbean; she 'prophesied' a massive landslide win for Donald trump in 2020, followed by a prophecy of imminent divine intervention to reveal the 'electoral fraud' and reinstate Trump in the Oval Office. None of that happened, of course, because Kerr is nothing but a grifter who knows how to fleece probably the most gullible and stupid audience in the civilised world.

Obviously aware that her impending purchase might raise a few eyebrows, even amongst her followers, she declared it was a reward for her faithfulness and a gift from God. Apparently, God told her she could have as many houses as she wanted, anywhere she wanted, but she modestly decided to buy just the one - a modest mansion in exclusive Queen's Harbour - a gated community catering for the mega-rich. They are now to be the unfortunate victims of Kerr's 'infiltration'! One can only sympathise.

I wonder if the gullible fools who continue to keep Kat Kerr in a lifestyle of which they can only dream, are aware of how their credulous acceptance of her nonsense is showing the world the stupidity required to be a fundamentalist, Trumpanzee Christian these days. Is there any lower level to their credulity? Certainly, people like Kerr and her fellow false prophets don't seem to have found it yet. No doubt, we'll soon be treated to her explanation of why she now needs a top of the range private jet and an expensive private airstrip and hanger to keep it in, and how this too is a gift from God - and not really bought with the money her dupes send her.

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