Monday, 8 November 2021

Malevolent Designer News - Another Stunning Blow by Medical Science.

A new antiviral dramatically reduced the number of people newly diagnosed with COVID-19 who needed hospitalization.

Credit: Rory Doyle/The New York Times
Pfizer antiviral slashes COVID-19 hospitalizations | Science | AAAS

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Scientists have landed another significant blow in their arms race with Creationism's beloved malevolence over the infectivity and morbidity associated with the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19. This development is almost on a par with the development of the mRNA anti-COVID vaccines and it is based on a treatment originally developed in the fight against another of the malevolent designer's nasty little organism - HIV.

The treatment, developed by Pfizer who developed one of the first anti-COVID vaccines to be approved, involves giving patients a protease inhibitor within the first few days of infection. The early results of the randomised, double blind clinical trial were so marked that the external regulator stopped the trial so that those volunteers taking the placebo could benefit from the treatment. It had resulted in an 89% reduction in those who received the treatment within 3 days of the onset of symptoms needing hospitalisation, with a similar reduction in those starting treatment within 5 days of onset of symptoms. There were no deaths in the experimental group over the trial period. Only 0.8% of the trial group needed hospitalisation compared to 7% of the control group. 7 of the control group died.

In addition to reducing the severity of symptoms, the treatment should help victims clear the virus more quickly, so reducing the transmission of the virus to others.

Daily new COVID confirmedncases - USA (8 Nov, 2021)
The drug blocks the activity of the enzyme protease, which the virus needs in order to replicate inside the cell. Unlike the vaccines which work outside the cell to inhibit entry of the virus into the cells, this drug works inside the cell to prevent those viruses which do get passed the antibody defences.

Although the test was conducted in unvaccinated people, it should work equally well for those who are vaccinated but in whom the virus has managed to break through the antibody defences and become established, adding yet another line of defence against the virus. This class of drugs has been in routine use against HIV so the safety of the treatment is well established.

It will be interesting to see the reaction of those antivaxxers currently campaigning against the vaccines, many of whom are fundamentalist Christian extremists and Creationists who appear to believe they have a duty to help the malevolence they worship kill as many people as possible - with some success, as judged by the number of unvaccinated people currently dying of COVID-19 in the Repugnican-dominated areas of the USA in what has been described as a self-genocide of right-wing Talibangelical Repugnicans.

It will be interesting too to see how, if this treatment becomes routine, the malevolent designer manages to adapt its design to get round it, or as real scientists put it, how the virus evolves to overcome the lack of protease in the cells of those treated with the new drug. Creationists can rest assured that their favourite magic genocidal monster will be working on a solution right now.

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  1. Derek Lowe has just posted over at "in The Pipeline" on Molnupiravir ... which appears to be another science success story.


    1. 1st October. It passed under my radar, but thanks.


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