Sunday, 15 March 2015

Is This Bronx Scam Artist Getting Too Greedy?

Minister Creflo Dollar asked parishioners to buy him a $65 million dollar jet for Jesus « Why Evolution Is True

Bronx-based Manuel de Dios Agosto is going to have to do much better if he is to come anywhere close to matching another Bronx-based religious scam artist who has just asked his victims followers to stump up for a brand new $60 million top of the range G650 Gulfstream jet for him and his family.

The humorously named Creflo Augustus Dollar, which he swears is his real name, runs the multi-million dollar Creflo Dollar Ministries and sells his "prosperity gospel" to poor people who have no real hope of ever improving their lot in life because they lack an education, are the 'wrong' colour or ethnic origin, or are simply unemployable for other reasons, of which extreme gullibility would appear to be one.

Apparently his simple message is that if you give him a lot of money - the more the better and at least 10% of your total income - you too will one day become wealthy because God will reward you for making the person selling you that false hope far richer than you could ever hope to be. According the, the jet Dollar (sic) wants his victims followers to buy him has two Rolls-Royce engines, Gulfstream Broadband Multilink high-speed data system, two multichannel satellite communications systems, dual media servers, high-definition video source equipment and a cabin audio system, and can carry eight passengers and crew from New York to Los Angeles in 2.5 hours.

Despite the wealth which God has given him via his victims followers, it doesn't seem to have made Dollar (sic) any happier or inclined to turn the other cheek. In 2012 he had to attend an anger-management course to avoid prosecution for trying to strangle his 15 year-old daughter.

But, it seems this latest bid for even more money was a grab too far. Following an online backlash, the begging video was taken off the scam site last Friday. It would seem that even Dollar (sic) realised there are limits to his victim's follower's gullibility, or maybe their wealth. Dollar (sic) will just have to make do with his two Rolls-Royces, an old private jet, real estate such as a million-dollar home in Atlanta, a $2.5 million home in Demarest, New Jersey, and the $3.75 million he got in 2012 for the sale of the home he bought in Manhattan for $2.5 million.

Of course, the big advantage Dollar (sic) has over Agosto is that he has a church with a pulpit to shout at his victims followers from, whereas Manny wouldn't be allowed within a hundred feet of a Catholic pulpit having been expelled from seminary. So he has to make do with begging on Twitter and on his multiple blogs where he alternates between pretending to be me to get people to bother to read them and trying to get attention by posting lurid and increasingly preposterous and sensational fantasies about his victims to try to get his gullible followers to read them.

It can't be easy being a religious scam artist in the Bronx with competition like Dollar (sic) dominating the market-place and hoovering up any spare cash gullible simpletons have - and a great deal they can't really afford as well. No wonder poor Manuel is having to 'donate' money to himself to make it look like someone has fallen for his little scam.

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  1. I can't help noticing Creflo Augustus Dollar spells CAD.


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