Friday, 6 March 2015

Beware of Abusive Imitations

Please Note: This is my only blog.

Others purporting to be by me or bearing my ident will contain plagiarised and altered material from this site or material presented as being by me. They will usually be run and maintained by a well-know unemployable Internet abuser, fraud and expelled Catholic seminarian who appears to have developed an obsessive fascination with me, bordering on the psychotic and who seems to be trying to ride piggy-back on my popularity to lure traffic to his beggar blogs.

Go to his blog and you will find well over 60 articles fantasising about me with all manner of lurid tales. Bear in mind though that he will count the hit as a triumph and routinely deletes comments he doesn't want others to read.

You can read about him here.

Despite a long and documented history of targeted abuse, explicitly sexual homophobic and misogynistic tweets, threats, harassment and using overlapping accounts to abuse people who challenge him or whose arguments he finds difficult to understand or counter, he has recently been permitted to return to Twitter. As expected he has immediately recommenced his abusive activities, including linking to blogs purporting to be by me, or containing plagiarised and altered material from this blog, in breach of intellectual property rights, or containing links to other blogs he controls in which these false claims are made. He has never requested, and has never been given, permission to reproduce any of my material in whole or in part, and does so in breach of my intellectual property rights.

As I make clear in the right-hand panel of every blog:

All posts © Rosa Rubicondior. Contents may be reproduced without permission provided credit is given to the author, it is not altered in any way, the context is made clear and a link is provided to the original.

If it's not in this blog or does not comply with the above condition, it's not by me, but is almost certainly by the expelled seminarian and full-time unemployed Internet beggar, narcissist and abusive troll who post on Twitter as @Sacerdotus and on G+ as Sacerdotus/Sacerdotvs. The only exceptions to this are those sites which kindly syndicate my blogs and which always contain a link back to them, or the Dutch blog, Positief Atheïsm, to which I have given permission to publish selected translations in Dutch.

Please disregard any other blogs purporting to be by me and have due regard for the low level of honesty and personal integrity of their abusive creator and intellectual property thief.

Having said that, please contact me if you wish to syndicate this blog under the above conditions, or should you wish to post translations of this blog in other languages. Permission will normally be freely given.

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