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Sunday 22 March 2015

Mother Teresa's Fake Miracle

On the subject of the Catholic Church's faked miracles, in the style of a phony televangelist or 'faith healer' fraudster, we have the example of the faked Mother Teresa 'miracle' which was used as evidence to support her accelerated beatification by the Vatican when poor old Pope John Paul II was in his dotage and had been reduced to reading prepared speeches in an almost inaudible voice.

Mother Teresa (real name, Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu) head and absolute ruler of the 'Missionaries of Charity' order had been carefully building up a reputation for caring for the poor sick and dying when in reality, they had been merely collecting them together in missions where they could be denied effective pain relief and given almost no medical care because Mother Teresa had an obsession with pain and suffering, believing in some perverted way that being made to suffer like Jesus did was a privilege, or 'the kiss of Jesus' as she called it. Meanwhile, the vast amount they collected in donations was amassed in bank accounts whilst Mother Teresa jetted around the world first class and, when in pain herself, booking into the top American hospitals to get the best cardiac care available rather than entrusting her care to her own order's tender mercies.

See How Christians Lie To Us - Birth Of A Myth and How Christians Lie To Us - Fact And Fiction for details of how the myth of Mother Teresa and the fiction of the good works her order was doing was created almost out of thin air, including testimonies of many people who worked with her.

The final piece the Vatican needed to fast-track this beatification was an authenticated post-death miracle attributable to her, showing how she could intercede with God directly and cause the laws of nature to be set aside, so causing things to happen for which there could be no scientific explanation.

Monica Besra
Miracle of miracles! This was dutifully supplied by the nuns of the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta (Kolkata), India. According to their 34,000 page submission, on the first anniversary of her death, a poor peasant woman named Monica Besra had come to them for assistance suffering from acute abdominal pains which she said was caused by a cancerous tumour. They then placed a photograph of Mother Teresa and a locket over the pain, which promptly went away, along with the tumour. Quite why they chose this novel and untested method of treating a painful abdominal tumour was never explained.

The facts however were slightly different. Monica Besra had been treated at the government-run hospital in Balurghat where an ultrasound investigation had revealed a tuberculous mass (not a cancer) on one of her ovaries for which she was treated, according to the hospital's records, by Dr.Tarun Kumar Biwas and Dr. Ranjan Mustafi, a gynaecologist. After leaving hospital her care was continued as an outpatient at the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital until she was discharged, fully cured in March 1999, a final ultrasound scan showing no trace of the tumour. The treatment and cure were perfectly straightforward and Monica's condition progressed exactly as expected.

The hospital's superintendent handed Monica Besra's entire medical records, including the ultrasound scans, details of medication and doctors notes detailing a perfectly normal treatment and cure, to Sister Betta (sic) of the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata, who appears to have promptly lost them. After first claiming that they had misplaced these records, the Missionaries of Charity then changed their story and now claim they were never given them, simply denying in best theological tradition, the mass of evidence to the contrary. Bearing false witness would appear not to be regarded as a sin by these devout Catholic nuns.

Then another miracle happened. Although Monica Besra is illiterate and speaks only her local dialect with a smattering of Bengali and English, never the less she was able to prepare a statement in perfect English and which revealed details of Catholic doctrine to which she could never have been privy, to be handed by one of the sisters to Brian Kolodiejchuk who was investigating the claims on behalf of the Vatican.

Along with this miracle, several statements by 'doctors' from the hospitals which treated Monica certifying that her recovery was miraculous and could not be explained by science, also appeared amongst the 34,000 pages. The only slight problem was that the hospitals have no record of ever having had doctors with those names working for them and attempts to trace them have all been unsuccessful. The entire 34,000 pages of evidence supplied to the Vatican by the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata contain not a single word from any of the medical staff actually involved in Monica Besra's treatment, her entire medical records now having disappeared, presumed destroyed, the last person known to have handled them being Sister Betta (sic) who refuses to comment when asked about them. Meanwhile, protestations by Dr. Ranjan Mustafi that her condition was not cancerous, was curable and was cured by him and the staff at Balurghat Hospital using perfectly standard medicines and procedures went unheeded.

My wife did feel less pain one night when she used the locket, but her pain had been coming and going. Then she went to the doctors, and they cured her. My wife was cured by the doctors and not by any miracle.

Monica Besra's husband, Seiku
Monica's husband, Seiku, has never made any secret of the fact that the reported miracle cure was never anything of the sort. Irritated by the constant stream of sick people coming to his door expecting a miracle cure themselves, he freely tells people it was the doctors at the hospital who cured his wife, not a miracle.

In 2008, Monica herself began to claim that her miracle cure was nothing of the sort when the stream of poor people seeking a miracle cure reduced to a slow trickle. At this point the third miracle appears to have happened. The Vatican decided that Monica was suffering from amnesia and the poor family now needed a great deal of money, which they channeled to them via the Missionaries of Charity who explained that this was a perfectly normal charitable donation to a poor family in need, and places were suddenly found for Monica's four sons at an expensive Catholic-run private school. Monica's faith in the miraculous nature of her cure and the saintliness of Mother Teresa seems to have been restored almost as quickly as her 'cancer' was cured and she now even remembers the miraculous light that shone out of the photograph and into her body, curing her instantly. No doubt a case of poverty-induced amnesia being miraculously reversed with holy money.

Would you please ask Jesus to stop kissing me?

Dying patient denied pain relief
to a smiling Mother Teresa
And so the world had a new Catholic demi-saint by the name of "The Blessed" Teresa of Calcutta, based on carefully constructed myths, forged documents and false testimonies by people whose mission in life was to deny dying people pain relief and effective medical care because this loathsome old woman told them this is what Jesus would have wanted, and one who in life amassed a huge fortune from people who believed they were actually giving to aid poor people and help them die in dignity and free from pain and suffering in the care of ministering angels.

Another miracle is required for this fake to be elevated to full sainthood. Presumably, someone somewhere is working on that at the moment.

After her death it was revealed that Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu had written to a friend admitting that she had never been able to find God and doubted that he was there. Her entire life's work had been for her own self-aggrandisement and in the hope that Jesus would appreciate what she was doing to recognise his suffering by making others experience it and so would reveal himself to her.

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  1. Replies
    1. If only you had some evidence like I havè, eh? Then you wouldn't have to just hope your claim is true.

      You DO know that bearing false witness is a sin, I assume...

    2. Do you have an insider at the Missionaries of Charity motherhouse? Sounds like you got your information from a friend of a friend who had a cousin who had a sister...see where I'm going with this?

    3. Yes, I see where you're going with this. You're bearing false witness again and hoping people won't notice that I gave my sources as links in the article.

      When did you decide you couldn't defend this deception using honesty?

  2. Atheists, Social Justice Warriors, blah blah blah. So passe. You're so full of shit. I don't care if this woman ever did or does miracles. She was a selfless, caring, genuinely good woman who didn't waste her life but chose to change the world and make a difference. For that she deserves respect. You SJWs are always going on about how screwed up the world is but do nothing but piss people off with your rhetoric bullshit. If you know so much, did you know she came from a wealthy family and was cut off? That she left her order without any emotional and financial support? That she was persecuted by locals? She literally picked dying people up out of gutters "thrown away" by society because they were burdens? Get your facts straight little girl.

    1. Your contempt for social justice and defence of bearing false witness to defend and promote the Catholic Church is noted once again. I also note how much that differs from the teaching of the founder of your religion. I believe the usual term for not doing what you tell others to do is 'hypocrisy'. If I recall, the founder of your religion told you not to be a hypocrite too.

      Is publicly abandoning and so repudiating your 'faith' really the best way you can think of to promote and defend it? I can only assume you chose that tactic because you knew truth wouldn't work.

  3. That woman was truly evil! She let others suffer because she believed doing so was pleasing to her god... all the while having any and all of her ailments cured by top notch physicians! The bible is nothing more than a book of hate; a soul sucking vortex of mind control... It indoctrinates young and innocent minds into a sick belief system that calls for the murder of certain kinds of people just because they exist..


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