Friday, 6 March 2015

Still Making A Difference - Thankyou

Great news that my AdSense account has reached another payment threshold, so I have donated it to Oxfam again.

This donation also benefits from the UK Government's UKAid scheme which doubles donations, in effect making it £140, plus another 25p per pound donated in GiftAid as a UK tax-payer.

Should anyone wish to verify this donation for themselves please contact quoting the transaction reference given on the graphic above. I hereby grant Oxfam permission to release all details of my donations subject only to keeping my real name, address and email details confidential.

Thanks again for your support. My Amazon ad account has still not reached the payment threshold but when it does, this will also go to Oxfam. Meanwhile, please continue to use links on this blog to buy stuff from Amazon.

Should you wish to support Oxfam directly, you may donate directly here.

Be humankind. Feed The World.

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Income from ads will be donated to charities such as moderate centre-left groups, humanist, humanitarian and wildlife protection and welfare organisations.

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