Sunday 20 September 2020

Loony Trumpanzees Get More Loopy as Defeat Looms

Mark Taylor: “Patriots” Will Revolt if Trump Doesn’t Arrest Some Democrats Soon | Beth Stoneburner | Friendly Atheist | Patheos.

A couple of news items today show how extreme and hysterical the loopy political right is becoming as the prospects for a Biden win in November increase due mostly to Trump's increasing incompetence and clear unfitness for office.

The first is a news item about how a swivel-eyed, full blown QAnon conspiracy nutjob, Mark Taylor, the self-styled "firefighterprophet", is demanding that Trump arrests thousands of leading Democrat and puts them on trial for being "high-level cannibalistic satanic pedophiles", including allegedly, Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton.

He is now warning that, if Trump doesn't act soon, right-wing activists, including 14 million veterans, are ready and willing to take matters into their own hands. Apparently the lunatic believes the patriotic response to his fevered imaginings, that sound more like the psychotic rantings of a paranoid schizophrenic, is to start a civil war in the middle of an election campaign.

Appearing on Sheila Zelinsky's podcast recently, Taylor informed listeners that:
It’s like some of these people are not even human. It’s like their DNA has been changed to the point to where it’s just pure out evil … These are literally demons that are manifesting right now. These are not humans that are manifesting, these are demons that are manifesting with this stuff
. He went on to assert that the recent shooting at the newsroom of the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland was the work of a "sleeper" agent under deep state “mind control” and warned that "they" are going to start targeting blond women because they think they're Trump supporters. He neglected to say how he knew this or what the police said when he showed them the evidence.

Like the next nut-job, Taylor has close links with Liberty University, the film school of which cooperated with Taylor to make a film, The Trump Prophesy, claiming God told Taylor that Trump would be the next president and would serve two full terms.

The second piece of news from the fruitloop right is about a close associate of Jerry Fallwell Jnr., disgraced former president of the extreme right-supporting Liberty University, not this time about shenanigans between, Fallwell's wife, Liberty University students and a Miami pool-boy, or Fallwell's bouts of drunkenness, but the ravings of habitual liar for Jesus (and money) Charlie Kirk, a dedicated QAnon conspiracist and ardent Trumpanzee. Kirk was awarded an honorary doctorate by Fallwell's Liberty University.

In his podcast a few days ago, Kirk came out with the following scare story, intended to appeal to the paranoid conspiracists who support Trump:
And for those of you that say "Well, it really doesn't impact me, I don't care if Trump goes to prison." Well, first of all, you absolutely should care. Because if we lose, they're going to come after the churches, they're going to come after the organizations, they're going to come after the people, they're going to come after the social media accounts, they're going to come after the bank accounts, they're going to come after every single person that played any form and role into trying to defend President Trump. But social media banning, following in the streets, targeting in every form and fashion.

If we lose, if the President loses, they will come for us all. They will come for your children. They will come for your schools. They will come in every fashion. And they won't stop. This idea that the left is all of sudden going to embrace the Christian ethic of forgiveness and moving on, is so short-sighted.


All of the plans of the ruling class were obliterated by a man who they don't think should even be invited to a cocktail party, let alone become President of the United States. They're going to come with bloodthirsty revenge.
And not for Kirk the Christian ethic of honesty, personal integrity and not bearing false witness. Unless he really does believe any paranoid thought that comes into his head must be true, despite the lack of any supporting evidence.

In fact, Kirk has a habit of lying. According to his Wikipedia entry:
According to Kirk, he dreamed of attending the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York, but his application was rejected.[40] According to The New Yorker, Kirk said "the slot he considered his went to 'a far less-qualified candidate of a different gender and a different persuasion'" whose test scores he claimed he knew. Kirk later stated he was being sarcastic.[121]

In December 2018, Kirk falsely claimed that protesters in the French yellow vests movement chanted "We want Trump." These claims were later repeated by President Trump. Agence France-Presse demonstrated that the videos cited in support of the claim were from a far-right protest in London, not from the yellow vest movement in France.[128] Kirk also falsely claimed that Cuba has a life expectancy 15 years lower than the United States—the Cuban life expectancy is higher—and that 85% of all jobs in the private sector in USA come from small businesses, while the true proportion is less than 50%. [129]

40. Giunto, Joseph (April 6, 2018). "Trump's Man on Campus". Politico. Arlington, Virginia: Capitol News Company. Archived from the original on April 6, 2018. Retrieved April 6, 2018.

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If anyone should be worried, it's those decent, democratic American patriots who are proud of the democracy they have in the USA and who want it to stay that way. The real worry is the way Trump and his supporters expect the winners to behave. People like Kirk and Taylor would have no difficulty supporting a Trump administration that behaved that way to 'defend America'. Fascism always needs an enemy, real or imaginary, and a paranoid, preferably xenophobic and/or racist population, to justify its suspension of civil liberties and suppression of freedoms.

But perhaps the real problem is the obviously poor state of the mental health services in Trump's America that people like Kirk and Taylor, who should probably be being medicated and under the care of skill psychiatrists, but instead are able to get themselves into positions of power and influence in the fundamentalist Christian organisations, and now the support network that Trump has constructed around him from those religious nut-jobs.

As we saw with the report by the Indiana University Media School, Trump-supporting Republicans are far more likely to believe these patently absurd claims than are Democrats. It is this bedrock support of semi-literate, paranoid, fundamentalist Christian, entitled white supremacist simpletons that this part of the Trump campaign is hoping to drive to the polls in November, regardless of how divisive it is or how much it is encouraging violence.

Power at any price is the new slogan of American conservative Christians.

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