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Covidiot News - Why President-Reject Trump is Encouraging National Suicide

Coronavirus New Cases - USA
Daily new coronavirus cases, USA (27 Nov 2020)
(A new spike is predicted by experts following widespread travel and flouting of the guidelines during the Thanksgiving holiday)

An Extraordinarily Dangerous Moment for Rural America | Psychology Today

An extraordinarily powerful article in Psychology Today explains why people in rural America are being led like lambs to the slaughter by a failing President Trump as his powers decline in the last few weeks of his disastrous presidency.

Professor Floyd "Ski" Chilton, of the University of Arizona, hails from the rural American south and identifies with this 'tribe'. He explains the phenomenon as an expression of the dual thinking process - the slow, deliberate, analytical thought process versus a fast, effortless, unconscious, associative processes:
The early works of Sloman, Stanovich, Evans, and Kahneman proposed a dual process theory of thought. A psychological distinction is made between slow, deliberate “thinking” versus fast, effortless, unconscious, associative processes and emphasizes the dominance of the latter evolutionarily driven, unconscious system in most people and especially in people who feel threatened.
Humans have evolved this dual process so that we have both the capacity for calm, rational thought as the basis of opinions and actions when there is time and safety to indulge in it, and an almost instantaneous, emergency thought response for times of danger when fast, if imperfect action is the best option.

What is now happening in rural America is that many people feel threatened by the loss of their leader in Trump who gave them simple black and white certainties, free of the troubling shades of grey and subtle nuances that complicate things too much. All they needed to do was chant slogans and obey the leader, and all the leader needed to do was keep the supply of simplistic slogans and simple, uncomplicated certainties coming.

This was the basis of his power and his hold over them, and they, in turn gave him legitimacy and reinforced his deluded and grandiose narcissism as the best of all presidents in the best of all countries, confirmed by their adoration of him. Nothing else mattered to Trump; not the economy, not unemployment, not even the health and welfare of Americans mattered, so long as his devoted Trumpanzees adored him he was the best! In any case, those who died were going to die someday anyway, and most of them were probably Democrats who deserved it.

Now, when they've been persuaded that there is a serious threat to them and their simple, safe certainties and their privileged position in American culture as entitled white Christians, their thinking is the knee-jerk reflex of the associative process in the form of devoted loyalty to the cult-think that the narcissistic Donald Trump has been fostering and feeding off for the past four years.

In his 2016 book, The Rewired Brain, Professor Chilton wrote:
At the heart of most human violence sits our primal instinct to control what we perceive to be dangerous or put us or our tribe at risk…When humans encounter a person or a group of people that are different (whether in gender, race, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or nationality), our unconscious mind and its primitive origins kick in.
Just as fanatical despots like Hitler, Pol Pot and Hirohito, in the dying days of their power, killed hundreds of thousands and in Pol Pot's case, millions of their supporters in a pointless determination not to accept the inevitability of their defeat. Hirohito ordered thousands of his most devoted loyalists to fly their suicidal kamikaze missions against the American warships steaming towards Japan. Hitler even reputedly rationalised his casual sacrifice of loyal Germans with, “We don’t need to worry about their survival, because all the good Germans are dead.”

Coronavirus New Cases - Top Ten Countries
Coronavirus new cases - top ten countries.
Note how the USA is an outlier due to Trump's inept management, then his super-spreader rallies as his ill-fated reelection campaign became ever-more desperate as election day in early November approached.

Now, despite the fact that deaths from Covid-19 are rising exponentially in many "red" rural states and infections are rising at record rates to record levels, President-reject Trump continues to perpetuate the myth that the coronavirus is a hoax, and is in any case a mild illness, despite himself needing intensive hospital care to recover from it, and has promoted the idiotic notion that wearing a face-covering and maintaining safe social distancing is unnecessary and somehow a symbol of disloyalty to his simplistic cause, and yet, pending a vaccination, these are the only means available to help reduce the risk to oneself and to others!

Throughout his ill-fated re-election campaign, President-reject Trump continued to hold rallies in which his loyal Trumpanzees packed closely together and refused to wear face-coverings in displays of fanatical, kamikaze-like loyalty to the glorious leader in his hour of desperate need, as he tried to minimise the danger from the virus in an attempt to explain away his inept management of it in the early stages. The consequence of which was record levels of infection as the USA rapidly became the world epicentre of the pandemic, as he sacked advisers, abused the scientists who were urging action and warning of the imminent dangers facing Americans and cut funding to agencies trying to fight it because they had the temerity to tell him he was wrong.

Coronavirus New Cases, Texas - 27 November 2020
Corona virus new cases, Texas (27 Nov 2020)
And many of his Trumpanzee supporters continue to obey this cult-think and gather together, sans face-masks, to spread the virus ever more widely and kill even more of their own numbers, just to show their loyalty to their rejected and soon-to-be disempowered glorious leader and saviour from a vague and obviously invented threat. And their glorious leader and saviour continues to cheer on their idiotic self-sacrifice in his lost cause and tells his ultra-loyalist, white supremacist, neo-Nazi "Proud Boys" militia to "stand by" in a chilling echo of the deranged Sarah Palin's instruction to her T-Party fanatics, "Don't retreat! Reload!" that led directly to the shooting of the liberal Democrat, Gabriella Giffords, by a deranged T-Party fanatic.

Because of widespread flouting of the safe-distancing guidelines over the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA, pandemic modellers predict another sharp rise in cases, hospitalisations and deaths in the USA, placing an even greater burden on health care facilities and especially on ITU beds of the sort that Donald Trump himself occupied. He has also announced his intention to campaign in Georgia where a re-run of the tied November election for the Senate is to be held in January. New Covid-19 cases, and deaths in what ammounts to kamikaze suicides, amongst his Trumpanzees are to be expected as surely as we can expect more suicide bombings by fanatical followers of Osama Bin Laden and his brain-dead disciples.

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