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Friday, 13 November 2020

False Prophets For President-Reject Trump

For an omnipotent, omniscient deity, the American fundamentalist Christian god seems to be sending an awful lot of false messages to his Talibangelist prophets these days.

The money these false prophets make from their dupes followers, anyone would think they never read their Bible:
Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

Matthew 7:15-16


So who exactly are these ravening wolves? You've guessed it, they are the President-reject Trump-supporting super-rich telvangelist who live off the credulity of their dupes followers, and no-doubt, like Trump pay no tax on their ill-gotten gains, despite being barely-concealed propagandists for Trump and the Republican Party.

False Prophets For Trump

Pastor George Pearsons, for example, even demonstrated to his credulous dupes how he had seen God roll up his sleaves and get down to working to ensure a Trump win against Joe Biden.
And here is Kenneth Copeland, the multi-millionaire talibangelist prophet of God who personally claimed not just once, but three times at least to have banished the coronavirus and made it disappear, informing his dupes that God will definitely ensure a Trump win because Trump has dedicated himself to the service of the Lord.

Perhaps Trump failed to report for duty once too often.
Kat Kerr, on the other hand, had to go public to explain that when God told her Trump would win by a 'landslide' he didn't actually mean win, or landslide. What he meant was that he would lose but there would then be a landslide of cases of voter fraud. So far, the only claims of voter fraud have turned out to have no substance and at least one was a lie, done for the money sent in by Trump's credulous dupes.
Robert Henderson had not just one but four messages from God in his dreams!

Alas, they all turned out to be false too!
Here we see false prophet Chris Reed, telling the credulous dupes who watch "It's Supernatural Network" how God showed him that President-reject Trump would win in Pennsylvania and in Philadelphia in particular. George Washington even joind in the prophesy, allegedly!

Unfortunately, Joe Biden won Pennsylvania, helped out by a massive majority for him in Philadelphia.
Tracy Cooke and Kevin Zadai are in no doubt. God has revealed to them that President-reject Donald J. Trump will be the next POTUS despite losing the election on Nov. 3rd.
Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj is in no doubt. God will be sending angels to ensure Trump wins.

Maybe they just got the wrong candidate or maybe they mistook Selvari for a Hindu guru or Hare Krishna monk and did the opposite to show him just who's running things around here. Easy mistake to make!
Last June, God told Hank Kunneman that he would get President-rejct elected again in November to save America from attack! Then God forgot, apparently.
God has told Tim Sheets that he will change the results of the election because he had promised President-reject Trump would win, therfore the result is not th real result and Trump is the real winner - God sez!
The wonderfully named Dutch Sheets has received word that God will reverse the election result shortly because he hasn't finished with President-reject Trump yet and still has work for him to do.

Maybe he'll do it someplace other the the White House!
No list of false prophets would be complete without that old ravening wolf, Pat Robertson. Here he is being wrong again.

The polling organizations may not have got the magnitude of Trump's defeat right, probably due to many people understandably being too embarrassed to admit their intention to vote for Trump, but to a man, they got the fact of it spot on. It seems that the American fundamentalist Christian God, with all his angels and prophets, and self-proclaimed inerrancy, couldn't even come close to matching them. Nor, despite his self-proclaimed omnipotence, could he arrange things so that his prophets looked a little less self-serving, biased and plainly false.

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