Friday, 6 November 2020

Covidiots - Wearing a Face Mask Does NOT Inhibit Breathing During Exercise

A new University of Saskatchewan study has found that face masks do not hinder breathing for healthy individuals during exercise.
Photo: John Ko
USask researchers find face masks don't hinder breathing during exercise - News - University of Saskatchewan

How many times have you seen a fundamentalist Christian covidiot claiming they can't breathe when wearing a face mask, in a grotesque parody of the George Floyd's and Eric Garner's last words as the police killed them?

Research at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, has shown that wearing a face mask does not inhibit respiration nor make exercise more difficult.

With a simple experiment, they showed that the time it takes for a young, fit person, to become exhausted during vigorous exercise is the same form those with no mask, with a clinical mask and with a cloth mask. The study, involving 14 physically active and healthy men and women, controlled for the effects of diet, previous physical activity, and sleep during the 24 hours prior to the test.

This finding means that, provided customers wear a face mask, there is no reason why gymnasia should not remain open. It also means that the joggers and cyclists we need to avoid when out walking along footpaths, should also be wearing a face mask.

It also gives the lie to Christian fundamentalist claims that masks prevent them breathing or somehow cause you to rebreathe toxic carbon dioxide (often magically transformed into carbon MONoxide)!

The research findings were published recently in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health:


Wearing face masks is recommended for the prevention of contracting or exposing others to cardiorespiratory infections, such as COVID-19. Controversy exists on whether wearing face masks during vigorous exercise affects performance. We used a randomized, counterbalanced cross-over design to evaluate the effects of wearing a surgical mask, a cloth mask, or no mask in 14 participants (7 men and 7 women; 28.2 ± 8.7 y) during a cycle ergometry test to exhaustion. Arterial oxygen saturation (pulse oximetry) and tissue oxygenation index (indicator of hemoglobin saturation/desaturation) at vastus lateralis (near-infrared spectroscopy) were assessed throughout the exercise tests. Wearing face masks had no effect on performance (time to exhaustion (mean ± SD): no mask 622 ± 141 s, surgical mask 657 ± 158 s, cloth mask 637 ± 153 s (p = 0.20); peak power: no mask 234 ± 56 W, surgical mask 241 ± 57 W, cloth mask 241 ± 51 W (p = 0.49)). When expressed relative to peak exercise performance, no differences were evident between wearing or not wearing a mask for arterial oxygen saturation, tissue oxygenation index, rating of perceived exertion, or heart rate at any time during the exercise tests. Wearing a face mask during vigorous exercise had no discernable detrimental effect on blood or muscle oxygenation, and exercise performance in young, healthy participants
(, NCT04557605).

This research also exposes the common lie used by Covidiots like evangelical Christian Trumpanzees, to excuse their antisocial selfishness in not complying with Covid-19 control measures, so putting the lives of their friends, family and fellow citizens at risk for the sake of a public display of covidiocy, assuming face masks to be some sort of political statement, because (former) President Trump fooled them when he tried to cover up his incompetence by minimising the risks from Covid-19 and belittling the measures to control it.

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