Tuesday, 10 November 2020

More Trumpanzees Losing it - Kenneth Copeland in Full Hysterical Meltdown

Kenneth Copeland
Here’s Kenneth Copeland Laughing Maniacally About Biden Winning the Election | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Talibangelist Trumpanzee and multi-millionaire, Kenneth Copeland, true to form, found reality too much to cope with, and promptly went into a full meltdown of hysterical laughter when he heard that Joe Biden had won the election and his personal saviour, Donald J. Trump had been booted from office.

Copeland gained fame in Evangelical Christian circles when he famously declared that he had killed the coronavirus by blowing on it and telling it to go. He repeated this feat on at least two further occasions as the case numbers and death toll rose in the first wave in the USA The virus, apparently unaffected by his magic spells, failed to comply with Copeland's instructions, while Copeland's gods (the one supposedly in Heaven, and the one in the White House) both stood by helplessly watching as things got worse.

Undeterred by his failures, credulous American Christians continued to fund his lavish life-style and help him build a hanger for his ncie new, top of the range, private jet, bought so he said, so he could fly around in safety and not have to travel in a 'tube full of people', believing themselves to have been cured of and protected from the coronavirus by touching their TV screens while the sacred image of Copeland was displayed on it.

Poor Kenneth Copeland is just one of many such Christian fundamentalist grifters who can't accept that their god didn't intervene to over-rule democracy and give the presidency to Donald Trump, as they would like to have done themselves if only they had the power they believed Trump would give them.

Hopefully, it will be many years before Americans forget just how quickly and willingly, Christian fundamentalists abandonned any pretence of moral standards in their rush to get close to power with their fawning support for the incompetent, crooked, adulterous, sleazy antithesis of Chritian decency, former President, now President-reject, Donald J. Trump.

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