Thursday, 9 July 2020

Covidiots - Kenneth Copeland Keeps On Scamming

Scamvangelist’s Church Tells COVID to “Cease and Desist NOW”… Again | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Should we blame covidiot televangelist frauds like Kenneth Copeland for continuing to scam fundamentalist Christian simpletons, or should we blame the fundamentalist simpletons for allowing him to continue to scam them?

The fact is that these simple-minded fundamentalists have created the environment (the market-place) in which these parasitic frauds operate with the moral scruples of a bed bug and the manipulative tactics of a snake-oil peddler, in their desperation to shore up their fragile beliefs. And they will keep coming back for more the more they are rewarded for their dishonesty.

This, courtesy of Hemant Mehta, is exactly what we see in Kenneth Copeland's repeated claims to have cured/killed/banished or otherwise finished off Covid-19, when any sane person should have wondered why he needs to keep doing it.

For instance, in early March, when the pandemic was in its early stages, Copeland claimed he could cure it through your TV screen. He also declared that Christian prayers had overwhelmed it but, if you lost your job because of it, you should still pay your tithes!

By the end of March, with cases and deaths still rising rapidly, Copeland, again in the name of Jesus, declared Covid-19 dead and announced that a vaccine (against a dead virus!) would be delivered immediately.

Unfortunately, Jesus appears to have been deaf or busy elsewhere - probably watching the slow deaths in the Covid wards.

In Early April, Copeland needed to spit on the virus to kill it again.

The same virus that he was still declaring to be over in late April.

Even so, Copeland needs a magic shield to protect himself from the virus, which he had killed more times than he's flown in a commercial airliner (He now has his brand-new, top of the range, private jet to travel safely to and from his lakeside mansion without having to mix with the hoi polloi in a 'metal tube' who might be shedding Covid-19 virus particles).

So, it's a little strange that his his son and daughter-in-law are still urging his dupes to 'take authority' over the virus in a packed church with no social distancing and no facemasks, as the Covid-19 cases race toward an estimated 100,000 per day and a death toll expected to reach a million or more.

We maintain our stand of faith over COVID-19. We take Dominion and complete authority over coronavirus! We are redeemed from the curse of plagues. We walk in the blessing of Abraham! We have been given the name which is above every name!

[Note: Abraham was that character who heard voices telling him to go kill his son, and he would have done so if another voice hadn't told him to kill a ram instead]

Coronavirus, bow your knee to the name of Jesus!

Coronavirus, we command you, cease and desist! Now!
In Jesus’ name.

According to Revelation 12:11, we overcome COVID-19 by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. According to 1 John 5:4, this is the victory that overcomes COVID-19, that overcomes everything that we face in our lives, even our faith. In the name of Jesus, the blood of the Lamb, and the word of God, we declare it so.

[I don't recall any mention of Covid-19 in Revelations or 1 John, but carry on! Maybe Copeland has a private edition complete with corrections and the omissions inserted.]

COVID-19, get out of this city in the name of Jesus!

Now come on and praise God everybody.

I wonder if Jesus was listening this time or whether Copeland will be back soon with an open hand, lulling his willing dupes into a false sense of security, so they'll take the risk of going to his church and handing over their money to be cured yet again of a virus which some epidemiologists are predicting could kill up to 20 million Americans and which Copeland has repeatedly 'killed' and 'banished' in the name of Jesus since it first made its appearance.

Clearly, to Copeland, the invocation in the Bible to not bear false witness, does not apply to an avaricious televangelist scammer with a ready audience of willing dupes to fleece, and his god is fine with the morality that allows Copeland to fool simple idiots into putting their and their friends and family's lives at risk to keep up his income stream to a level to which he feels entitled.

What are the potential deaths of a few million Americans compared to the avarice of Kenneth Copeland and his scamming family of cheats and frauds - all in the name of Jesus?

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