Saturday, 18 July 2020

Covidiots - Christian Fruitloops Against Altruism

DeAnna Lorraine, Fruitloop Trumpanzee Fundamentalist Christian
"Face-masks are a Marxist globalist Satanic conspiracy"
Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorist: “God Does Not Want Us Wearing Masks” | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

American Right-wing Christian fruitloop covidiots are continuing their campaign to Make America Sick Again with Covid-19, as though having the highest infection rate in the world (above 77,000 new cases per day and rising at the time of writing) was not good enough.

Not only did they promulgate the covidiot notion that the whole thing was some sort of hoax - either man-made or Satanic - to stop Christians from going to church (and paying their tithes), they then campaigned against all lockdown measures and are now campaigning against wearing a face-mask.

'Dating Coach', failed politician, conspiracist and fuitloop Trumpanzee, DeAnna Lorraine, is one such right-wing covidiot who believes she knows what God wants and that he needs her to tell us. She subscribes to all the right-wing, paranoid conspiracy theories - anti-vax, QAnon, etc, and is a dedicated Trumpanzee cultist.

Having announced that she will not have any anti-Covid vaccine because it will be full of 'mouse genes' and 'robotic nanoparticles' she has now announced that God does not want people to wear face-masks because they are a Marxist globalist Satanic conspiracy.

According to this report, Lorraine says:

USA Covid-19 new cases (18 July, 2020).
The predicted 100,000 new cases per day, with well over 1 million deaths, is looking distinctly achievable.
Biblically, God does not want us wearing masks. Masks are a symbol of hiding yourself, of doing bad deeds, inappropriate deeds, or malicious things that you need to hide from. And it is also a symbol of stripping us of our unique identity because [when] we’re wearing a mask, we’re not unique anymore, we’re all the same. And God doesn’t see us that way.

He also sees us as being good, and anyone who is doing good deeds should not be living and hiding in the shadows behind a mask. A mask is a symbol of fear. You’re living in fear. If you have a mask on, it means you actually don’t trust God. You don’t have faith. You’re living in fear instead of faith. And of course, the Marxist globalist Satanists that are pushing all this, they are trying to invert reality and pervert God and Christians, and they want to isolate us from God, isolate us from other humans, and deprive us of that faith so that we rely on the government, the media, telling us what to do and telling us whether to be fearful or not instead of God.

I prefer to have faith. I will live by faith instead of by fear.

Religiosity in USA

Covid-19 Confirmed cases, USA - 18 July, 2020
Apparently, the only reason devout Christian, Lorraine can think of for doing something like wearing a face-mask is for self-protection. What covidiots like her don't seem to be capable of grasping is that wearing masks is not primarily a measure to protect yourself but an altruistic measure to protect other people from you because of the possibility that you could be an unwitting carrier of the virus. Up to 50% of people tested have been found to have the virus but to have no symptoms at the time of testing.

But, if being concerned for the health and welfare of others is not enough for a fundamentalist Christian like DeAnna Lorraine, who appears to have no social conscience, there is also unambiguous evidence that a face-mask also protects the wearer, by reducing the viral load inhaled as droplets left in the air by carriers. Spread by exhaled droplets is now known to be the most significant mechanism for spreading the virus.

This lack of altruism seems to be a characteristic of white evangelical Christians according to a recent survey which found them to be the least concerned for social distancing and other measures designed to reduce Covid-19 infections. The 'religion of love' has apparently produced people with little or no social conscience.

There is no longer any real debate amongst epidemiologists that wearing a face-mask in public places and especially in shops and other enclosed spaces, is the most effective way to slow down the rate of spread of Covid-19. Indeed, the debate has shifted to which is the best sort of face-covering to wear.

The notion that somehow God is going to protect the faithful is flying in the face of the evidence. Churches are now becoming major Covid-19 hotspots and Christians, and especially Christian pastors, are becoming infected at rates far above the general population. In the UK, believers have been found to be the highest risk groups with unbelievers the lowest. The evidence is that any protection given by a deity is singularly ineffective.

DeAnna Lorraine is yet another example of how religious fundamentalism is now a major threat to humanity. Through the stupidity, superstition and selfishness of its followers, it is actively working to spread a deadly pandemic virus as widely and as quickly as possible, and the fruits of its success can be seen most starkly in its heartlands - America's Bible Belt.

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  1. They worship a sick ego freak of a god. He is only interested in being worshipped. If you cross him and do not worship him or worship the wrong god he is going to throw your sorry ass in his torture pit of hell. He is going to then light you up and burn and torture you for all eternity. Is it any wonder his followers are mean and twisted and psychologically screwed up?

  2. Wish the religiosity map was more current, so I would know where I should live, but at least I’m not in the dark green areas.

  3. The guardian link is broken. Here’s the correct link:


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