Saturday, 4 July 2020

Covidiots - Republicans Abandon Common Sense.

"Wear a face mask to show you're smarter, more rational and morally superior to a Trumpanzee" Alex Castellanos
GOP Strategist Dismisses COVID Masks as a “Secular Religious Symbol” | Val Wilde | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

According to Covidiot Trumpanzee Alex Castellanos, one of the Republican Party's key strategists, wearing a face mask shows you're better than him. But then so would tying your own shoelaces if his pronouncements concerning facemasks is anything to go by.

Despite the unambiguous evidence that wearing a facemask in public places is the best way to reduce the person-to-person transmission of Covid-19, he has declared it to be both a political and a secular symbol. In other words, if you're a Christian and/or a Republican, you're a traitor if you take steps to avoid spreading any Covid-19 viruses you may be incubating unknowingly.

Castellanos has bought in to the Christian persecution myth that facemasks are the invention of Satan and are part of the war on Christianity, and believes that failing to follow Donald Trump's idiotic and irresponsible example by not wearing a face mask, means you're not devoted to the Dear Leader enough.

The Washington Post reported Castellanos as saying:

Mask-wearing has become a totem, a secular religious symbol. Christians wear crosses, Muslims wear a hijab, and members of the Church of Secular Science bow to the Gods of Data by wearing a mask as their symbol, demonstrating that they are the elite; smarter, more rational, and morally superior to everyone else.

And this man is advising the President of the United States, which under the Dear Leader is now the epicentre of the global pandemic with far and away the worst record of control and containment of Covid-19 and accounting for 25% of world-wide cases with the death toll high and rising exponentially. Dr Anthony Fauci has predicted 100,000 new cases per day and one estimate is putting the eventual death toll in the USA at some 20 million!

The quote came at the end of a long article describing how many alarmed Republicans are now urging Trump to wear a face mask and to even mandate their wearing in public places, despite condemning them as 'politically correct' (Trump-speak for wrong!)

Meanwhile, today's, Guardian is reporting:

Donald Trump has said he believes the coronavirus will “just disappear”, as the US recorded 52,000 new cases on Wednesday, according to Johns Hopkins figures, a new all-time daily high.

Eight states had reported new single-day highs of freshly diagnosed cases on Tuesday, when the national daily total for new cases sat at just over 44,000, a record until the new figure emerged. The spike followed a warning by the public health expert Dr Anthony Fauci that the US is “going in the wrong direction” and infections could more than double, to reach 100,000 cases a day.

By Thursday morning, infections were rising in up to 40 states, and 14 states had reported overnight experiencing record daily highs. About 40% of the US is now changing course on reopening.

In an interview with Fox Business on Wednesday, Trump was asked whether he really believes, as he has stated previously, that the virus will simply disappear.

“I do. I do,” he said. “Yeah sure. At some point. And I think we’re going to have a vaccine very soon too.”

Trump added: “We’re headed back in a very strong fashion … And I think we’re going to be very good with the coronavirus,. “I think that at some point that’s going to sort of just disappear. I hope.”

Yep! The President of the USA's Covid-19 strategy is to deny the facts and to hope the virus will "sort of just disappear"! And to wear a face mask betrays your lack of support for this idiot! Could there be a better reason, other than wanting to avoid spreading a deadly virus?

It would be more accurate to say, wearing a facemask has become a symbol of intelligence and consideration - something that's anathema to both fundamentalist Christianity and its allies in the Trumpanzee Republican Party.

It seems Castellanos may have overlooked the fact that major hotspots for Covid-19 are Christian churches and that it tends to kill the elderly disproportionately, so undermining Donald Trump's base and best hope of winning the November election. Castellanos has appeared to have failed the IQ test two different ways.

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