Saturday, 18 July 2020

Covidiots - Louisiana Christians to Cast Spells to Cure Covid-19

John Bel Edwards, Governor of Louisiana
Three days of prayer and fasting to cure Covid-19!
Louisiana Catholic governor calls for prayer and fasting to end coronavirus

While scientists are working to find a vaccine against Covid-19 - two research programmes are already producing promising results - and better treatments for its victim, Christians in Louisiana are to do their bit - they are going to fast and cast magic spells, if Catholic governor, John Bel Edwards, gets his way.

According to the Catholic News Agency, the governor has called for three days of prayer and fasting for people affected by coronavirus. New Orleans' archbishop says he hopes Catholics of the state will join in.

During a press conference on Thursday to discuss the state’s response to COVID-10, Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) acknowledged that his latest attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus is “a little bit unusual,” but said he believes it bear fruit for the state.

“I’m going to call for three days of fasting and prayer for our state, for July 20 through the 22nd,” said Edwards, explaining that he received a request for the spiritual practice during a call with religious leaders from across the state.

Prayer and fasting are “a spiritual diet and exercise that I as a Catholic Christian believe is very important, anyway,” said Edwards.

Daily new Covid-19 cases for Louisiana (18 July, 2020)
Of course this has nothing to do with the disastrous second peak that being too keen to lift the lockdown regulations caused, and Edwards needing to be seen to be doing something useful to rectify the problem he caused!

So, the same god whom many Christians believe is the omniscient creator god who would have created Covid-19 in full knowledge of what it would do, either doesn't know the harm it is doing or it doesn't realise the suffering and grief it's causing is wrong. Either way, Edwards, and those who do what he asks, believe this perfect, omniscient creator god needs to be told its 'perfect' plan should be changed for their better one in the state of Louisiana (and presumably elsewhere). That message will impress this omniscient god even more if Christians refrain from eating. Presumably, there will be magic hand-movements too.

Prayer is, of course, a handy and cheap way to pretend to be doing something about a problem and to feel good about it.

Meanwhile in the science world, several experimental vaccines are producing some promising results:
  • The 'Oxford Vaccine' appears to work at two levels - it produces antibodies which directly fight the virus and it actives 'killer' T-lymphocytes which actively hunt down and destroy infected cells, so preventing the virus from replicating. The European pharmaceutical firm, AstraZeneca is geared up to produce 400 million 'not-for-profit' doses at the end of 2020.
  • An experimental vaccine produced by the American biotech company, Modena, is also showing some good results, producing antibodies after two doses. It is now moving into a large-scale testing stage.

Other research groups are also producing some encouraging initial results, here, here and here.

The unprecedented scientific effort to beat Covid-19 with over 140 research programmes can be tracked here.

So far, there have been no experiments, so no clinical data, to show the efficacy of magic spells in the treatment of, or prevention of Covid-19, but no doubt, thanks will be offered to God when science has produced an effective vaccine, by the clerics currently standing by and watching, ready to rush in and claim the credit for their god - the same god whom they believe caused the pandemic or at best stood and watched as millions suffered and died and economies collapsed.

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  1. Oooh - today was the start of the prayer and fasting. I am not sure about the prayer but maybe the fasting will keep them from all gathering at Bubba's BBQ pit.

  2. So when the prayers and fasting don’t do anything, what do you think the faithful will say?


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